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Animated music video parody of the Netflix series “Squid Game”.

Movie Musicals #87: Squid Game The Musical
Gi-hun is balls-deep in debt, just like Sang-woo, Ali, Sae, Deok-su, Han, Il-nam (or so it seems) and all the other contestants of the game, trying to win the big bucks under the watchful eye of the Front Man. I know it’s not a movie, but it might as well be and we don’t have a tv show musicals show…yet 🙂

►Animation: Danny Lesco ()
►Lyrics, Song & Vocals: Logan H-Clark ()
►Vocals & Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano ()


Verse 1:
Addicted to gambling, I just can’t stop,
If I win enough I could be a good pop.
Overdue with all my debts,
And the thugs will kill me if they can’t collect.
Met a man on the tracks, he offers me a game,
He bets with money, I bet with pain.
His business card: captivating yet plain,
He offers me a chance, it’s totally insane.
Wake up in a dorm, like an army camp,
Old friends, new friends, and folks I can’t stand.
Red light, green light, not much time,
Metaphorically and literally blew our minds.

Chorus (singing)
You’ll all die if you don’t keep movin’
Except red light, green light, that’s been proven.
Your life problems have long been brewin’.
On the verge of financial ruin.

Verse 2 (rap)
You picked my pocket but I’ll let it slide,
Join our team, come to our side.

I need money, I’ve no remorse!
I need to save my family from the North.
You’re a sniveling little thief, better watch your back,
In the night, I’ll come when the lights go black.
I’m in it to win it, I’m the strongest one here…

…but you’re thinking with your d***, my wrath is more severe.

Please Ali, I can’t go out like this,
Give me a chance before I quit!

Okay sir, what can I do to help?
You paid for my bus, I won’t send you to hell.

Briefly look away, that’s all I ask,
It’ll be okay, til you hear the blast.



Just an honest cop going undercover,
Sneak into the games to find my brother.

Front Man
Quit causing a commotion like no other,
Like Vader’s reveal, I am your brother.

I may be old, but I love this game,
Got a brain tumor and forgot my name.
The rich and the poor have one thing in common,
Money’s a b****, whether you poor or you ballin’.


(c) LHUGUENY 2021


  1. The poor guy Just saves je hon in red light green light

  2. I don't remember the circle mask people having guns

  3. Suck red light green light that's when we start grooving

  4. This is my favorite one I think wow

  5. That song sounds cool and I love minecraft, is my favorite game 🎮😎🤘👌👍🥰💖✨.

  6. กันตพิชญ์ คูณหอม says:

    Please do not forget the phone number 991

  7. lord lhugueny you are a walking genious amongst us weaklings on this godforsaken earth. may god bless you always on your endeavours amen

  8. doll : IkEa dhj21hbf h2jkhbfhjbfu3i2kjfbh3iujkhbtjkg34hjgbgtij3u4jhgthj3iouhtuijyhtuy4iopughp4iu35gthp3i

  9. Red light, green light, not much time, metaphorically and literally blew our minds. 0:23

  10. 2.06
    Red guys:
    Uh… Okay kill us boss. We want a new boss

  11. Why there was not a line for the surgeon guy? His storyline was pretty cool

  12. The best part was, I got to go motherfu-

  13. 456 in squid game is mane carckter and at the end he had re hair and he so the red card blue card man and he was mad

  14. sang hoo is a hero he was sad when ali died

  15. The only thing that I hate is the red light green light girls voice, but other than that everything is great here!

  16. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  17. Jorge Luiz dos Santos de Souza Jorge says:

    Round assistir filme tô querendo batatinha

  18. This Is so much bether the your evry other Music. And i think ITS NOT YOU!

  19. lol. spoilers. bajs steudios does better songs

  20. I'm hiding in my room because I'm supposed to be off of my phone at 6:00

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