GAMING HIGH ~ Lofi Video Game Mix -

GAMING HIGH ~ Lofi Video Game Mix

Smooth S o u n d s
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1. 0:00 Mikel – 𝙾𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎 Lofi
2. 1:02 away – minecraft lofi
3. 1:56 ⁢TV Blonde – Peach
4. 4:02 Eric Godlow – decisions
5. 5:59 Level Up – Mario Lofi (by YoungKC)
6. 7:15 Persona 5 – Beneath The Mask – Rain – LoFi [Prod. Yung Shinra]
7. 11:12 Rirakkusu🌊 – slippin’ up.
8. 12:40 seabianes – Zelda Lofi Hip Hop
9. 13:45 citrusgastank – the journey ahead (windwaker outset Island Remix)
10. 16:20 digital – zelda great fairy fountain
11. 18:37 citrusgastank – till that day comes (kingdom hearts lofi remix)
12. 21:27 Mearmada – Kenopsia
13. 23:58 Super Mario 64 – Piranha Plant’s Lullaby (Nick_Garcia98 LoFi Remix)
14. 25:58 Mikel – GTA III Lofi
15. 27:37 kean – can we be friends?
16. 29:58 citrusgastank – my friends are my power (kingdom hearts 2 sanctuary remix)
17. 32:25 Mikel – Super Mario Lofi
18. 34:49 YpsN – Need a break ?
19. 37:02 NintenDubs – Zora’s Domain Lofi Remix
20. 39:46 O M I L I – 2pm
21. 41:34 Opxra – Unwnd. 92′ Ft. Tetris
22. 45:11 the pillar of autumn – halo combat evolved (lofi hiphop mix by furlong)
23. 46:51 The Wish – Final Fantasy 13-2 (~Azure~ LoFi Remix)
24. 48:17 Rirakkusu🌊 – 250¥
25. 50:07 WiLL Raza – Kairi Kingdom Hearts LoFi Hip Hop
26. 52:13 The PROPH€T – Lofi Sample Type Beat (Just Kirby and I Sample)

Gaming High #2
Gaming High #3

.nintendo chillin.

~ Video Game Lofi Hip Hop Mix ~

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  1. ˚𝙫𝙞𝙡𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙩 ˚ says:

    lmao, not me listening to this while delivering bloxburg pizzas

  2. Não gosto MT de música calma
    Mas confesso que e MT bom kkkkk

  3. Who else comes back around a month or 2 to listen to this masterpiece?

  4. Mai Thảo 400k vào ( says:

    10:02 Ngày em đi, em chưa dạy anh cách quên đi một người anh từng trọn vẹn yêu thương.

  5. for some reason, this gives me nostalgia
    i remember when i was a kid and watching adventure time with my sis
    i havent watch it in years
    and yes i found this when i was looking for gaming music background

  6. i swear coryxkenshin has used most of these

  7. This one is so addictive, always keep coming back to it ^^

  8. I have some close ties with this specfic video and the music in it, even tho it hasn't been that many years, everything has still changed a lot for me, i remember back in 2020 putting this on and hopping onto minecraft almost everyday by myself. As time went by i changed a lot. I miss those old days. Im sorry i just cant express the fricking "vibe" i used to have back then. It was so different albeit very lazy but i miss those days.

    Coming back to this hits me with nostalgia because i lost the Minecraft world for it. I forgot to mention i used to have some discord friends too, in a server. That server died off and everyone just seperated. Theres so much going on in my head right now.

    Listening to these songs in this exact order makes me feel nostalgic.

  9. This is HOT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Excellent study music

  10. this reminds me of quarantine sm💔
    miss thise times fr

  11. The sudden nostalgia here, oh my god. I personally believe that nostalgia is evidence of a life well lived. Keep making memories, even as an adult. So long as you look for it, that wonder never has to stop. 🙂

  12. I've been playing games high pretty much half my life. I started with WoW with 15 years, now I'm 27 and still love to get high and play anything relaxing with this kind of music <3

  13. Love the old school Zelda sounds in the beginning

  14. POV: late warm summer night, playing Minecraft, Discord call with THAT girl. Just hoping that moment could last forever…

  15. i remember always listening to this before

  16. Hey Smooth Sounds!,Great Gaming Lofi Good for gaming!

  17. i love this minecraft lofi because i play minecraft and it fill so good thanks! (smooth s o u n d s)

  18. Damn I wish i could play video games high, I get too emotional and defensive in PVP while him high

  19. #5 also has chettys Lullaby. Good Jazz song suicideboys sampled it

  20. ρ𝓲ꪀ𝘬𝘬ꪖ𝘴𝘴 ᧁꪖꪑꫀ𝘴 2004 says:

    It's well done 😁

  21. I live life lesson to music and play games that's all

  22. I listened to this while in quarintine it was a cold motioning get on discord and load up my pc getting ready for school my mom would bring me breakfast and hot coco I would play mincraft while in class with str8 A’s life was so good

  23. There's a lofi by bootleg boy called smoke and study it was the very first lofi I ever listened to and it had always been my pick me up later finding out there was a smoke and study one and two. Shortly after I found out about this lofi. In short its amazing everything is done incredibly but a short while ago I found out the bootleg boy had deleted both videos and I am left with you. I ask you with all sincerity please don't remove your content

  24. Депрессивный Кроль✌️ says:

    I was listening this playlist while walking/training at snow time. I remembered that times as good. This playlist means a lot for me. Thank you.

  25. this shit is fire man im relax and chill when i hear this xd

  26. i have listen to this song so many times now everytime i hear it it brings random memories in a game

  27. No meio da madrugada me encontro fazendo trabalhos da escola para entregar no mesmo dia, trabalhos longos e sem dúvida, numerosos, porém as vezes minha cabeça se perde em pensamentos que ultrapassam a exaustão do presente, que fazem com que eu só queira relaxar ouvindo essas sinfonias de jogos eletrônicos, sem preocupações, sem deveres e sem mil coisas para se importar. No entanto, me encontro no meio da madrugada ouvindo essas sinfonias e pronto para dormir depois de fazer meus deveres, obrigado música, obrigado por estar vivo, e aqui me despeço, no meio da madrugado.

  28. 3 yr relationship ended couple weeks ago. She’s fine. I’m sleeping better but still hurting. It’s July 4th I’m in my room, I hear fireworks but I know she’s watching them..lofi and my ps4 are my dates tonight

  29. This with red dead redemption 2 and spicy fries is the best weekend free to work

  30. This is nice. Playing Hollow Knight right now. I can't wait for tomorrow. Going to be with my uncle. Get a glass Dr Pepper that is all nice and cold. Some chips to enjoy after Hard work of swimming and working. Get some wings or something but I know I'll have a good time. Lofi music enhances my mood and makes me super happy. I love life and what makes it so great is accomplishment and enjoyment. There are also the people that love you that make life better all the time.

  31. Isn't it weird? The way he's playing with bmo's……

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