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🎹 Baby piano and music games for kids and toddlers 🎹

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Free music games for kids which will help your baby spend his time with an electronic device effectively. Let your child step into the magical world of sounds together with a funny cub named Bimi Boo! Bimi Boo Tunes is a music game for kids which has everything to develop a good music sense in your baby. Send him/her into a fascinating adventure where he/she can compose a brand new tune and take part in mini-games with his/her favorite songs!

– 10-key piano with 10 sound sets – simple piano, xylophone, drum, funny car and robot sounds. You can even find animal sounds in it!

– Bimi Boo harvest – a popular tune is played while fruits are falling into the basket. In order to listen to the tune till the end, no single fruit should be missed!

– Into the space with a funny friend – collect stars for the melody to go on!

– Merry Fair with air balloons – catch them to get the music play till the end and earn star-awards!

– Help Bimi Boo fall asleep, counting sheep and playing a lullaby tune for him!

– Take him for a picnic and help him get as many tasty treats as possible;

– Bathe him with funny musical soap bubbles!

Each game contains popular tunes. Bimi Boo Tunes gets to develop an ear for music in your kid, also trains fine motor skills and teaches little players to do the washup and go to bed in time… All of this is very important skills and such kind of education is the aim of every kids game!

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