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#1 ♫ Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

White Rabbit
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  1. Danke an das lied ab stelle 9:25 es hat Mi bei meinem schwersten boss geholfen

  2. putangina nyong lahat sana matulungan nyokong magamot dahil isang taon mahigit nakong nakukulam at barang/puppetry at nauulol nako at nasisiraan ng ulo at feeling ko medyo utak kriminal nako sana lahat ng mga manggagamot,mangkukulam,mangbabarang sa buong mundo putangina buong buhay ko simula nung na lipat ako dito sa malabon maski sa bulacan hindi ako barang/puppetry at na torture massacre sana matulungan nyoko na magamot,willing ako na putulin yung kamay ko as a trade or payment + CASH/(sana hu wag kayo mag isip ng masama kung bakit ko sinugal kamay ko dahil kaya ko hu kumita ng malaking pera gamit kamay ko laluna na hu pag nagamot hu ako through online at gusto ko hu i trade yung kamay ko dahil despirado hu akong magamot at makulong yung responsable sa nangyari sakin at willing din hu ako tumulong sa maghahanap sa nakadale hu sakin or sa responsable sa nangyari sakin after ko hu magamot after few years kapag na run ko na hu yung pangarap ko

  3. So this is how you feel when you slay your enemy's.

  4. Top tier playlist, love working out to this

  5. Great music and powerful guitar riffs😎💥💥💥💥🎸🔥👍

  6. Cause of this found a song I use to listen a lot Thank You

  7. ten mil views on a vid with my buddy Zardonic? holy fuck

  8. On a video picture is Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project

  9. your name reminds me of Touka fomr Tokyo Ghoul.

  10. The stronger is my favorite song💜💜

  11. Lacuna Coil – Intoxicated
    This is the best part of this video.

  12. who is listening at 2022? playing?

  13. Who else listens to this while studying on a smart watch or headphones

  14. Яша, ибо впердолил рекламу.
    Впихнул не роковых композиций тоже.

  15. Прекрасная подборка, сделано с душой и для души! Успехов, вдохновения, куча лайкосов и подписчиков!:)

  16. 2022 and i styl love this playlist ❤️respect bro 🤟

  17. The only bad thing about this mix? The fact that I can't use it on Stream since most of the songs are probably copyrighted.

  18. Dude when Amaranthe -Maximize came on and started hitting, i like lost it

  19. This is just fucking awesome! One of the best music collections in the whole fucking world

  20. Türkiye'den selamlar 🇹🇷🙋‍♀️

  21. I needed some workout music so I'm glad I found this.

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