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#1 ♫ Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

White Rabbit
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  1. I come by once a week good music to listen to while streaming.

  2. Хорошая музыка, переслушал уже 20 раз. У меня тоже есть хорошие подборки, музыки под которую можно задротить, заходите на канал!. Всем хорошего настроения.

  3. Quality seems weird on some of these songs, the vocals are dead compared to everything else

  4. me gustan las imagenes.como las busco para descargarlas??

  5. Really good and energic músic. Ideal for my workout. Keep going in it

  6. losiento pero no me agrado mucho XD

  7. Dude can anyone give a spotify playlist of these songs?

  8. Just to let you guys know that ' EMPHATIC ' has changed their name to ' Through Fire '

  9. в общем ГОВно, есть 2 или 3 инт а все ГОВНО!

  10. Is this music safe to use on streams or is it copyrighted?

  11. Brings me back to high school, back when I'd kick ass in Black Ops 2

  12. It’s 3:48 am and I’M VIBING!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOO

  13. слишком крутая подборка) играет теперь в нашем пк-клубе на репите постоянно)

  14. Imagine wanting rock but you end up with different types of metal XD

  15. Amaranthe – Maximize…yeeesssssss

  16. люблю рок он прекрасен…

  17. Да это вообще ТОПЧЕГ!!! Слушаю уже 4 года. Класс подборка!!!

  18. Used to grind in Ragnarok Online with this playlist.

  19. I am 30y old, and this playlist reminded me how I felt in my teenage years. Amazing!

  20. This is the greatest playlist of all time, reminds me of myself Four years ago

  21. I don't even listen to this kind of music! and now I can't stop hitting repeat.

    This is an absolute GEM!

  22. I can't tell you how many times I've played this at midnight while working my ass off on my homework. I'd argue that this is the only reason I passed my classes with all a's

  23. Did i just travel back in time!!! I dont want to go back 😢

  24. i just popped off on fortnite, thank you so much, my parents love me again 🙂

  25. Onde encontro essa imagem da música intoxicated?

  26. This playlist is one of the few playlists of rock that are actually good! so many lean to too much pop or too much screamo but this one hits just right! thank you White Rabbit for this playlist!

  27. 4:05 i get Norwegian viking vibes from this song i Just wana jump over to my neighbor and figth

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