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10 great C64 games with memorable music!

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I’ve previously released videos caled “Top 10 Best C64 Music” and “10 great C64 Tunes”, if your favorite is not here, then it might already in one of those videos.

Game / Publisher / Publishing year / Music by:

1. Impossible Mission 2 / Novotrade / 1988 / Chris Grigg
2. Midnight Resistance / Epyx / 1990 / Keith Tinman
3. International Karate + / System 3 / 1987 / Rob Hubbard
4. Comic Bakery / Konami / 1986 / Martin Galway
5. 720 Degrees (Eu. version:US Gold / 1987 – US version: Tengen,1988) / Ben Daglish
6. Garfield: Big fat Hairy Deal / The Edge / 1987 / Neil Baldwin
7. Yie Ar Kung Fu / Konami / 1985 / Martin Galway
8. Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 / Konami / 1986 / Martin Galway
9. R-Type / Electric Dreams / 1988 / Chris Hülsbeck
10. Boulder Dash / First Star Software / 1984 / Peter Liepa

Top 10 Best C64 Music:
10 Great C64 Tunes:


  1. Batman (1989) definitely should have made the list. Matthew Cannon did an amazing job with the score for that game.

  2. The music from Yi Ar Kung Fu… Isn't that Jean Michel Jarre?

  3. Dunno about the others but if you had a 128 or 64C with an 8580 IK+ sounded really messed up.

  4. There are also some great sprite and animation (720° and Garfield), nice video! 🙂

  5. I can't get past the Ready screen on 8:15. What did you do to start the game?

  6. Come on¡¡¡ You Didn't Include Teh Last Ninja 1 or 2?

  7. Yie Ar Kung~Fu!! was the loader music: Jean Michel Jarre's "Magnetic Fields 4," released a year or two before the game.  What they did with the SID chip to make that sound so authentic must have been nothing short of witchcraft.  Compare the original, it's amazing!

  8. Not bad choices but, the "Monty on the run" game music far surpasses all of these.

  9. These are awesome, like most SID tracks and these are some of the most memorable.But for me, for beautiful original atmospheric music, Fist2 all the way!

  10. Giana sisters and Monty on the Run. can't beat them!!

  11. international karate has a superb 10 minutes track which doesnt loop (not IK+ but IK)

  12. I don't know… the C64 version of Yie Ar Kung Fu always looked so strange to me. Like every character in every frame of animation is in the weirdest pose imaginable. NES version was way more acceptable in this sense.

  13. Midnight Resistance tune NTSC version, sound much better more fast tempo. That't International Karate + or IK+. Not International Karate. If the music is similar but are different, both versions has a different musical arrangements.

  14. this games you presented don´t have nothing special ! Marauder owns the best soundtracks on the C64 and is not here

  15. LOL, IK+, I used to play this with my brothers and friends a lot. Great memories.

  16. The music for Garfield sounds like it starts with a dog barking first.
    Then it goes up into a cat Meowing like.

    Bark Bark
    Bark Bark,
    Meow-Meow meow-eow-meow-meow meoew
    Meow meow, meow meeeooow
    Bark bark

    Most disappointed by the lack of Usagi Yojimbo ~

  17. This list is useless without Forbidden Forest.

  18. Last Ninja 2 & Cybernoid 2 should be on this list 😉

  19. Bubble bobble, Rick dangerous, gi Joe and bionic commando

  20. What is truly amazing is what the programmers achieved with such little memory… & CPU power!
    Today machines have so much memory & processing power that programmers are not squeezed to use the deliver, such impressed results… the C64 was an extraordinary machine due to its software library….

  21. That's International Karate PLUS, not the regular IK. IK was just ONE ON ONE fights, there was no third man

  22. Garfield was a fucking excellent game on the C64. Looked and played superb.

  23. Cybernoid II – Jeroen Tel. My all time favourite.

  24. there is a lot missing from this list, last ninja comes to mind, i guess you are one of those people who can only hear and does not listen to music.

  25. I only found the Garfield game when I turned back to C64 on emulatiors. I didn’t know about it when we had a c64 but that small glimpse in the emulator had a lsting impression on me still years into PC gaming.

  26. Even though I loved IK+, I personally preferred the music from the first game

  27. I know it is hard to compile a top 10, but so many titles missing. Galway: Game Over, Wizball, Parallax, Arkanoid, Rambo, Cobra. Hubbard: Mega Apocalypse, Sanxion(!), Arcade Classics, Delta. Jeroen Tel does not get a mention despite many amazing titles including Supremacy, Stormlord, Cybernoid, list goes on and on. Glad that Chris Hülsbeck gets a mention but I would have thought great giana sisters would have been more popular at the time. Impossible Mission 2 is only remembered because of the speech "stay a while, stay forever", and not the music. I definitely do not understand how Garfield and Boulder Dash have made it into this list.

  28. You can't have just 10 🤔 some good ones on here yet no Robocop, Wizball, Turbo Outrun, Ghouls'n'Ghosts, Delta, Retrograde, Last Ninja, Monty on the Run, Giana Sisters and so many others!

  29. Note that 7. is actually by Jean-Michel Jarre (Magnetic Fields IV)

  30. The C64 R-Type title theme is the best bit of music in the game on any platform!

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