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11 Fun Mobile Rhythm Games for Android and iOS!

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Now that we’re all stuck at home, time to crack out our Android or iOS phones for some rhythm games! Hope you guys like this list! I can’t wait to try the other games I haven’t tried before…

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (remix by rN )
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  1. I tried to play Phigros but the music wasn't on time with what was happening because I don't know what to put on the chart offset because to me it all sounds the same

  2. I thin almost of us can agree flick notes are bad

  3. Waiting for my Pc and cant play osu, thx for the Apps!

  4. Everyone know that the best android rhythm is…

    P I A N O T I L E S

  5. @tokaku can you try to review VOEZ? Thanks

  6. Como ella tiene osu en un tablet 😱 quiero tenerlo

  7. When i open lanota why is the loading screen so long? Is it does that or is it just me?

  8. As an EK viewer, i can confirm that watching people play these games with two hands is really weird…

  9. Thank god Arcaea doesnt have flick notes

  10. 4:02 Can someone tell me what the music in this part is? It seems pretty peaceful.

  11. Where is Malody ,_,

    Edit: nvm I found it

  12. nobody:

    me: watches even tho i literally cant even play osu!:

  13. "my favorite one has no flick notes " what game was being shown right there?

  14. Deemo is really just like the gameplay ain’t anything special but the storyline and all the interactive stuff really is a whole experience, oh what I would do to go back to the day I played it for the first time

  15. me: asks my mom for like 4 riyals
    my mom: take my scream
    my older sister: asks my mom for her credit card
    my mom: take my 2 of my credit cards
    Eidt: wrong vid

  16. Its so satisfying to watch her hands slam the table idk why

  17. When you see the title when you have iPhone:
    shit we go again

  18. Bro you forgot tekashi 69 runner dude that game is amazing it deserves a grammy for how good it is

  19. For me it was Dancing Line
    Apart from constant ads the game was very fun with simple gameplay

  20. okay I’m slowly getting myself into rhythm games and I’m not gonna lie, dancerail3 looks really fun!

  21. bruh a have overrapid a use 4 lane

  22. Question for all the games you said: Can you choose your own song like EDM or something like your favorite song?

  23. Correction for Cytus 2:
    The line can change speed during the game, while playing.

  24. Everybody gangsta till you realize Cytus 2 has a goddamn storyline.

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