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17 “a e s t h e t i c ” Songs in Video Games

Pad Chennington
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Let’s countdown the top 17 most a e s t h e t i c songs in video game history, songs from our childhood that will pump out nostalgic magic and romanticized memories every time we happen to hear them. Furthermore, a e s t h e t i c in the sense that these songs can be easily recognized as having a Vaporwave style or touch to them. Some of these tracks I think you’ll know and love just as much as I do, however, a couple of these I think you’ll be discovering for the first time, and I am very, very excited to introduce them to you.

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  1. Is it just me, or do those Wave Race 64 water effects still look good today?

  2. Hey pad! I want to recommend a game to you: its called anodyne and i think you will like it! Its a Zelda Style game with a really obscure world and great music. Its on Steam. Another great A E S T H E T I C free game on steam is yume nikki. Both games are one of my favourite games of all time.

  3. Fun fact:the reason why pit and temple ambient E was titled as ambient was because lsd dream emulator has different soundfonts for a group of patterns
    This happened to be the ambient varient of the pit and temple E pattern

    I love your vids pad and id kill to see you do a play through of lsd dream emulator

  4. The Birdman Stage of Pilotwings 64, man that was one of the most aesthetic songs I remembered from that game.

  5. I would also include some of the music from earthbound. Genuinely creepy at moments too.

  6. Check out “Aqua Marine Bay” from Ecco the Dolphin (Dreamcast) And “Dr. Andonuts Lab” from Earthbound.

  7. Aquatic Ambience is a cliche one, but for good reason.
    Megaman X 4 for PS1 has a pretty tasty stage select song.

  8. Holy shit! Someone else brought Lego Island! That was my J A M back then.

  9. Vapor95 is overpriced low qualty garbage, avoid

  10. The Warioland 4 OST feels very aesthetic to me, the crappy sound quality and garbled voices really add to it. Doodle Woods is probably my fav from it.

  11. The forecast channel on the Wii had some absolute gems imo, that and some Wii sports music always give me some nice vapor vibes.


  13. Unrelated question to the video, does vaporwave have more a 90s aesthetic or 80s aesthetic? I'm having a debate with a friend and I'd want your opinion on it

    btw, great video man

  14. you should really have added gran turismo, it have some really great tracks
    seeing some millionaire cars, and racing cars full of propaganda floating in the middle of nothing with this playing on the background is aesthetics as it could get;

  15. Lego Island…I used play that allll the time. Don't act like that cave didn't freak you out as a kid. 💀

  16. it's my impression or DK Racing music sounds like Daytona USA?

  17. These were some really good picks! For me, maybe they don't have vaporwave esthetic per se but man did I love how calming Sirena Beach from Super Mario Sunshine and the background music from Marble Blast Ultra were!

  18. Its a crime that Nintendo didn’t put the wii shop music on the switch shop

  19. Oh bomberman 64 right off the bat! I love you dude! So many memories.

  20. Implying Kirby 64 is a comfortable world
    02 would like a word.

  21. Yo please tell me someone has made a YouTube playlist of all these tracks

  22. My god that Lego island track brought back so many memories

  23. Probably more outrun than vaporwave but the track Max Panama from max Payne 3, I love the vibe of that song. Makes me feel like I’m in a dingy, crappy apartment in a cyberpunk city with neon light leaking through the window at night while it’s raining and I’m smoking a cigarette. Lol. That whole soundtrack was great, the band health wrote it.

  24. A E S T H E T I C ! ! ! 😩😩😩👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

  25. That specific era of Lego, 1996-2000 I would say, has an otherworldly quality to it. Back when its old motto was on every box, "Just Imagine…" and some sets had a blue sky background on the box… I do remember finding the OST of Lego Island beautiful. I'd go to certain areas of the game just to hear the music. I really miss that time of Lego. It's extremely nostalgic for me.

  26. Some strong picks here, definitely.

    As for some recommendations:
    First off, the oldest 𝑨 𝑬 𝑺 𝑻 𝑯 𝑬 𝑻 𝑰 𝑪 game track I can think of is Marble Madness – "Practice Race" (the later arranged version for FM Towns is especially good).
    Mario Paint – "Mysterious"
    International Track & Field 2000 (PS1) – "Results" (seriously, this one is fantastic)
    Einhänder – "Earthlight"
    Art of Balance – "Title Screen"
    Digimon World – "File City (Night)"
    Namco Museum Vol. 1 – "Museum"
    Honestly a lot of tracks from the Japan-only Mario Artist games.

  27. Man I had the ps1 game roll away 😂 never thought I’d see it again

  28. Besides awesome legoisland aesthetic music, i can recall the main caracther to be named as "chispa" (spanish)

  29. Namco Museum Vol. 3 has one of the most aesthetic OSTs in gaming, if you ask me.

  30. SNES/SFC Racing games had the best soundtracks in 90's. Top Gear 2's entire soundtrack, Kat's Run: Zen Nihon K Car Senshuken's soundtrack, Top Gear Rally 64's coastline, and even Lego Racers to a degree. Man I was kid during the right generation……

  31. i love how the "aesthetic" on title gets turned into the void font for mobile users

  32. Mall Tycoon 2 is way more aesthetic imo, check out the soundtrack

  33. I've heard Blue Resort on a Vaporwave Album before. Just can't put my finger on it.

  34. Many of the tracks from Glover for the N64 were aesthetic as fuck. I’m glad you mentioned Kirby and the Crystal shards. The track I believe called Above the Clouds is a wonderful mallsoft style listen

  35. There's a couple tracks for a Magic School Bus PC game, about the Oceans. Look up the tracks Diatom and Deep Ocean.

  36. 1) Aquatic Ambience – DKC
    2) Save Room – Resi Evil 2
    3) Stickerbrush Symphony – DKC2
    4) JRB – Mario 64
    5) The Lab – Resi Evil 2

  37. Can’t decide if I like “information center” or “info center top” better

  38. I'm so late on watching this video but I'm so glad I watched it now. This was simply said beautiful. Thanks for the video and have a nice rest of your day to whoever reads this. ❤️

  39. Snowy mammoth from ape escape is a really aesthetic song that no one really talks about

  40. the lego information centre theme instills fear into me to this day, I used to be terrified of the sharks (they were through the door I think?)

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