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2.5 Hour Awe Inspiring and Epic Video Game Music Collection

DT Jackson
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0:00 Boneyard Intro Modern Warfare 2 Hans Zimmer
4:12 Suicide Mission Mass Effect 2 Jack Wall
8:53 Arkham City Ost 7 Nick Arundel
10:49 Intro Theme Metroid Prime 2 Kenji Yamamoto
14:58 Chase Theme Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Jesper Kyd
16:19 Nate’s Theme 2.0 Uncharted 2 Greg Edmonson
18:02 Venice Rooftops Assassin’s Creed 2 Jesper Kyd
20:32 Plight Infamous 2 Jim Dooley
22:48 Ost 5 The Conduit Diego Stocco
23:34 Spirit of Fire Halo Wars Stephen Rippy
25:33 Trailer Theme Assassin’s Creed 3 Superhuman
28:09 Great Sea Theme Wind Waker Kōji Kondō
30:46 Marcadia Up Your Arsenal David Bergeaud
32:45 Chase Theme Assassin’s Creed Jesper Kyd
34:25 Finally a Tomorrow Gears of War 3 Steve Jablonsky
38:24 Boat Ride Modern Warfare 2 Hans Zimmer
40:29 Main Theme Crysis 2 Hans Zimmer
43:45 Main Theme Battlefield 1942 Joel Eriksson
47:53 Revival Halo 4 Neil Davidge
55:12 Rolling Thunder Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky
58:20 Normandy Reborn Mass Effect 2 Jimmy Hinson
1:00:24 Arkham City Ost 16 Nick Arundel
1:02:27 Intro Theme Modern Warfare 2 Hans Zimmer
1:04:05 Russian Theme World at War Carl Davis
1:09:53 Main Theme Skyrim Jeremy Soule
1:13:37 Menu Theme Arkham City Nick Arundel
1:16:13 Unyielding Halo 2 Martin O’Donnell
1:19:15 Liberation of Gracemaria Ace Combat 6 Keiki Kobayashi
1:23:57 Credits Halo 2 Martin O’Donnell
1:27:30 Dark Samus Theme Metroid Prime 3 Kenji Yamamoto
1:29:34 Tali Mass Effect 2 Jimmy Hinson
1:34:12 Invasion Modern Warfare 2 Hans Zimmer
1:37:20 Final Destination Brawl Nobuo Uematsu
1:40:45 Vs. Meta Ridely Metroid Prime Yusuke Takahama
1:42:58 Calamity Killzone 3 Trailer Two Steps From Hell
1:44:16 Menu Theme The Conduit Diego Stocco
1:46:12 Trailer Theme Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Jesper Kyd
1:47:15 Rundus Theme Metroid Prime 3 Kenji Yamamoto
1:50:45 Kavu Island Up Your Arsenal David Bergeaud
1:53:55 Main Theme Brawl Nobuo Uematsu
1:56:37 Ost 1 The Conduit Diego Stocco
1:57:37 And Ever We Fight On Killzone 3 Joris de Man
2:00:00 Theme of Love Metal Gear Solid 4 Akihiro Honda
2:02:45 Heroic Assault Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky
2:09:38 Credits Song Dead Space 2 Jason Graves
2:13:09 Dragon Theme Skyrim Jeremy Soule
2:16:04 Whitehouse Battle Modern Warfare 2 Hans Zimmer
2:20:55 Prepare for Deployment XCOM Enemy Unknown Michael McCann
2:22:00 Leaving Earth Mass Effect 3 Clint Mansell
2:23:58 Villa Under Attack Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Jesper Kyd
2:26:04 Pay Your Respects Arkham City Nick Arundel
2:27:41 One Final Effort Halo 3 Martin O’Donnell

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  1. I was at my weakest and my brother was crushed in the wall while alex continued his assault with rage.. I shot an energy blast to take his attention off my brother, before he could look back i flew in with a kick and few punches then sent him flying into the ceiling. Aaron falls to floor, are you okay? i asked. I cant get up and my leg feels like its broken, i cant continue this fight hes too strong. Annoyed alex breaks from the ceiling, Its time to end this.. you broke my sword and you will both pay. Aaron stay here.. what are you gonna do man? We couldn't even fight him as a team. If im dead in the next 10 mins im sorry.

    Do you know what natural strength is! Ill show you! As alex start aiming attacks blast towards me. Yall were the last opponents that was able to stop me and you will go down in ashes alex saids.

    I start running, trying to keep his attention deflecting his energy blasts with my own.
    Im exasperate and very low on energy.. this attack is my last one.. i dont think im gonna win.. then i remembered the one move my class never performed,
    My grandfather told me only 3 people did this move in all of history and it costs them there lives.

    Time to die Soul! Alex shouted.
    Infinity Beam!! Here we go! I shot at beam to collide with his but Alex's beam is pushing me back.. im about to die.. there isnt enough time move.

    If this is all you got then its over! Alex saids. No! As i told you alex nothing lives forever.
    Something told me to push my blast into this beam.. but instead i pulled away.

    YES! Haaaaa!!!
    I use my what life energy my body can handle and shouted DESTINY SHELD!

    Oh he sacrificed his life as Aaron watched. Alex scream! Still not strong enough haha.. full power!

    The blast hits me with the shield to my body it and somehow hits me just enough to deflect some of Alex's energy right back towards him.

    I Cant stop it! Alex screams then his own beam reflects towards him and i pushed the rest with my life energy then fall, it keeps going though alex then the wearhouse and into the sky.

    After that attack i felt my body was broken and felt the burns from letting Alex's attack hit me . Are you alive soul? I laughed on the floor coughing we did it bro.. its over… i cant get up.. i think im gonna die and i passed out.

    The last thing on my mind was,
    my grandfather and all the others who alex killed for his vengeance and immortality has finally been avenged and can finally be put to rest from one of the worlds most powerful fighters.

    Is it over? A distance voice echoed. Yes.. somehow we won..
    Aaron replied.
    ~She crys~

    Stay tuned for the next challenge in striking back.
    Twilight princess boss room calm theme fading in the end.

  2. Metroid Prime 2 probably has the best title screen music of all the series, even outside of Prime.

  3. Very responsive AI. A small bug is where the ice cream changes direction after firing. Bad Ice Cream 3 game on hudgames

  4. The start of 43:45 Main Theme Battlefield 1942 Joel Eriksson sounded like a Kingdom Hearts battle theme to me 😀

  5. What happened to the 5 hour relaxing compilation? It says it’s not available in my country anymore. I’ve been listening to it for seven years now 🙁

  6. please bring back the 5 hour video game compilation!! I've been using it since the tenth grade and I miss it

  7. You chose to end with the legendary song ey…
    Chief thanks you

  8. I prefer soundtracks of movies and games over a lot of other music

  9. Damn the first song legitimately hit me with PTSD 🙁

  10. The russian theme from CoD WaW is a banger

  11. Finally someone gave Carl Davis some credit for that magnum opus of a theme for Russia in WaW; simply beautiful.

  12. This is not epic thats just What i Think

  13. Damn its been 7 years its fast I wish i wanna go back in time

  14. I used this for studying and hell yeah it made me ultra focused!!

  15. Glad you put One final efford there and even at the end,cause it’s clearly the best soundtrack ever let’s be real here. You can’t top this masterpiece…

  16. Эх, вот просто эх, какие же были саундтреки..

  17. Of course, there is no way you can put absolutely everything, but “Unwecome Guest” by Inon Zur from Fallout 3, great piece.

  18. all the themes rock, but ngl clicked the vid for the halo music, it still gets me

  19. i keep coming back to this youtube video. its so damn good

  20. the nostalgia when I heard the BF 1942 theme song was real…how time flies

  21. 30 seconds into the first one and I'm pretty much tearing up

  22. crysys 2 theme song was better than the whole game ffs

  23. 38:24 "Boat Ride" but shows picture of the gulag level and they are flying on helicopters. Is there no pictures of the last level? Lol

  24. The gamers second national anthem is the last song. Its amazing.

  25. Someone says: dude halo soundtrack sucks


  26. Hi there, just curious cos i want to start something like this, did u get a copyright strike for uploading this?

  27. No Icarus from Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    Playlist is incomplete.

  28. Hans Zimmer is a legend and I'm glad everyone agrees.

  29. I love this video. Great choices. Only note, Nate's Theme 3.0 is better than Nate's Theme 2.0.

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