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2 hours of chill video game music 🍹

alf 🌙
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a vgm playlist with a theme of summer relaxation. some beats, bossa nova, atmospheric and good ol’ nintendo vibes. enjoy!! 🥭🍑🟢 tracklist:

0:00 Bubblaine – Super Mario Odyssey
4:04 Windmill Isle (Suburbs) – Sonic Unleashed
6:29 Under the Sea (Reef Area) – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
9:18 World 1 Monkey Island – Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll
13:55 Routine (Map Screen 1) – Trauma Center Under the Knife
16:22 Yoshi’s Island Athletic Remix Theme – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
18:27 Empire City (Night) – Sonic Unleashed
21:21 Shop Theme – Blinx the Time Sweeper
23:11 City In The Clouds – Virtual Sonic
25:36 The Village Without Memories – Opoona
29:35 Life is Beautiful – Deadly Premonition
32:39 Green Greens [Kirby Wii ver.] (Lor Starcutter on Popstar) – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
34:38 Hometown – Last Bible III
37:34 Milky – Bomberman Hero
40:11 Hospital – Earthbound
42:13 Baseball Tonight – Namachukei ’68

44:32 Yellow Giant – In the wake of Doshin, the GIANT
47:09 Snowball Fight (Snow Area) – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
49:33 Ice Scream – Ristar
52:16 Rainbow Castle – Mario Party
53:50 Island Life – The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
55:05 Replay – Pilotwings 64
57:34 Grass Land 4 – Kirby’s Dream Land 3
59:36 Special 8 Map (Crown) – Super Mario 3D Land
1:01:16 Temple Trouble (Intro) – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
1:03:33 Dear Father (Instrumental) – Sonic Frontiers

1:08:01 Deodoro ( Wii U ) – Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
1:14:24 Big (Instrumental) – Parappa the Rapper 2

1:18:12 Pretty Popstar (Planet Popstar Map) – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
1:19:50 Koopa Troopa Beach – Mario Kart 64
1:21:55 Wind from Rio – Gran Turismo 5
1:25:46 Birdman – Pilotwings 64
1:29:20 Nutty Noon (Level 5) – Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
1:32:22 Apotos ~ Windmill Isle Night – Sonic Unleashed
1:35:13 Ideal and the Real – Persona 5 The Royal
1:41:13 Menu Screen 2 – Shenmue Music
1:42:45 Girly – Instant Brain
1:46:06 City Hall – Mega Man 64
1:47:51 Clocktowers Beneath The Sea – A Hat in Time
1:51:46 Scootin Through Clocktowers Beneath The Sea – A Hat in Time
1:55:37 Credits – Mario Party 2


  1. My G WTF homee i mean dawg This shit real uhh


  2. finally someone recognizes how good the Mario 3D Land OST is

  3. i wasnt expecting to hear parrapa the rapper´s 2 ost in here, such a blessing ToT

  4. Absolutely loved this playlist! Great for studying! I enjoyed the chill vibes from each track! It was cool to hear a variety of tracks from various video games of different franchises. So glad you included Ideal and the Real from Persona 5 Royal, one of my favorite video game music tracks. Thank you for this playlist alf 🙂

  5. Now THIS is a chill playlist. Really love the selections you chose!!

  6. You won my heart when the "BIG" Instrumental from Parappa 2 dropped. Song SLAPS. And "The Village Without Memories" from Opoona – never heard of the game, but what a beuatiful piece!

  7. does anybody know if this playlist is DMCA free?

  8. how can i listen to this? theres no deltarune????

  9. Nothing is more chill than brazilian bossa nova

  10. chill music but the thumbnail reminds those with nightmares

  11. Thinking about making 13:55 (Routine (Map Screen 1) – Trauma Center Under the Knife) my YouTube theme song…

  12. One of my fav tracks has to be 29:35, Deadly Premonition has some killer chill-out tracks!

  13. i'm so fuckin high I thought I was on on the beach for a sec, 10/10

  14. I usually don't like playlists since sometimes there are songs that completely throw me off… but I really need vgm to help me study–

    HOWEVER! THIS IS A PERFECT! Not a bad song in sight that threw me off and hearing P5R and Parappa 2 music jumpscared me but it was a pleasant surprise. Tysm, this was super useful <3

  15. a lot of the chill playlists like this use similar songs and it gets old but this is really the perfect blend, awesome playlist!

  16. mentiroso no son 2 horas son 2 horas con un segundo

  17. never thought i would be listening to a youtube playlist to my spotify one

  18. Starting with Bubblaine was the best choice you could’ve done

  19. I like to listen to this while I'm drawing 🙂

  20. funny how this vid got over 500k views and the channel has around 2k subscribers lol

  21. this is one of the best playlists i've listened to wow

  22. esta playlist es tan buena yo no escucho ni se de musica de juegos pero disfrute mucho escucharla 🫶🏽🫶🏽

    rly like the music xD

  24. insane playlist if there weren't an ad each music

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