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5 Composition Games (to play with your musical friends)

Adam Neely
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I hung out with my buds in the prog rock band Bent Knee and we played some composition games together – fun rainy day activities that help to inspire musical thought!


Bent Knee is (in order of appearance)

Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth – drums
Ben Levin – guitar
Jessica Kion – bass
Courtney Swain – lead vocals & keyboards
Chris Baum – violin
Vince Welch – sound design/synth/guitar

A big thanks to Brad Krieger, Chaimes Parker and BIG NICE STUDIO! The studio was both big, and nice. Definitely on-brand.

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  1. That first one… Is a full version available somewhere?

  2. Whats the name of the song that plays during the intro?

  3. that last bit totally could have a been a pink floyd intro

  4. Why did you put 5 people in a small room when you could have had people record there one by one?

  5. This nothing like what I expected for “composition games” and really only seem geared towards experimentation and improv. Not bad skills, but not really what I’d call helpful for “composition”. When my friends or myself discuss “composition games”, it’s usually in the form of puzzles built out of obligation and limitations. For example, did one a few days ago where the challenge was 12 bars of 3 phrases, 4 bars each. The first phrase had to be in a relatively common key and and cadence (we chose a I-bIII-bVII-IV loop in Am). Second phrase had to modulate to near key in a different mode (we chose B Dorian), and the last phrase had to be a transition looping back to the first phrase. This set of boundaries was to puzzle to work out and how we typically approach trying to write something that stands out against standard fare. I guess that’s what I think when I think “composition game”, setting parameters to write something you wouldn’t normally and break from rehashing the same stuff that’s easy for you. The stuff in this video was fun, but didn’t really seem like more than the musical equivalent of icebreaker games. Good to gel everyone playing together but not anything you’re actually going to work with unless your whole thing is loopy experimental washes.

  6. The first step is to have musical friends.
    The first step is to have friends
    The first step is to have
    The first step is to
    The first step is
    The first step
    The first

  7. I really like the bass Adam uses in this video, it's gorgeous.

  8. Up next: 5 Composition Games (to play with your enemies)

  9. I’ve come back to this again….. I loved that first music so much that I wanted it to never end.

  10. I wish I have musical friends or just friends hahahahah

  11. There couldn't be a more Ben Levin thing than being told to pick a number between 1 and 10 and choosing 11. What a visionary.

  12. There's an interesting texture coming from the 2-3 bassists.

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