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7 Times Game Music Was Way Better Than It Needed to Be

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Videogame composers put in countless hours of work to ensure that the music players hear while playing their games is as good as it possibly can be. But what about the videogame music that actually, most players aren’t going to hear? Surely you can ease up on those bits of music, right? Well, not these pieces of videogame music that absolutely didn’t need to be as good as they were. Enjoy, and let us know your picks on this topic in the comments.

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  1. The Donkey Kong games all had better music than anything else on the SNES but I also loved the end of game music from Mega Man 2. I also half remember a level in Serious Sam on the Xbox that was so good, I was sad to leave the level.

  2. The best music for Me was the silver surfer on the nes

  3. For me a lot come to mind.
    Jubilife City from DPP
    The Dragon Quest Overture
    The soundtrack to Bravely Second, Dead Cells, The World Ends With You and Pokemon Black and White(2)

  4. Most of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2's music is pretty good! The first phase theme of the final boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King though is very, very good! It's beta is actually even better!

  5. 11:10 Put your headphones on. We should acknowledge that they not only put way too much effort into this song, but it drops the beat in stereo. On a Gameboy.

  6. I’m surprised Unwavering Belief from Lost Judgment isn’t here, seeing as many consider it to be an amazing track

  7. I realy like the planetarium room music in antibirth everytime i entered one i just pause the game and hear the music for some minutes 🙂👍

  8. Bruh I think I have like 5 megalomania remixes on Spotify

  9. Professor Layton

    The second game

    Diabolical box in USA

    Pandora's box in other places

  10. I must say that out of taurtarus from Hades did need to be good but still dramatically excelled. I remind you that this is the music for the FIRST BOSS. Not the middle, not the end, the FIRST one.

  11. Megalovania is my favorite genre of music who can relate?

  12. Dude the music in destiny 2 is so good and just makes you feel like your on the epic journey of ages

  13. Venus Lighthouse from Golden Sun always blew me away. It stands so much out from the rest of the soundtrack, and really gives you the feeling that the game is nearing a conclusion (that is – until the second game).

  14. The soundtrack for Silent Hill 4 has some absolutely amazing songs. “Your Rain,” “Cradel of Forest,” Tender Sugar,” “Room of Angel.”

  15. I’m really surprised you didn’t include “Daisuke” from Hotline Miami here. That song only plays during the short segments where you go to the store, but due to it I hung around to listen to it from start to end before going back to brutally killing Russian mobsters.

  16. Sonic Heroes and Sonic and the Black Knight are my favourite examples of OSTs that are way better than they ever needed to me

  17. dearly beloved from kingdom hearts and the entire oxenfree soundtrack are some of my personal faves

  18. If we're talking about music that's far better than it needs to be, almost any piece of menu music from Gran Turismo 2, 3 and 4 is a good shout. Definitely the car dealer music from Gran Turismo 3 called Light Velocity (and the arranged version on the OST CD was even better), or the East City music from Gran Turismo 2's GT Mode disc.

  19. I could say any Spore OST and it would work, but my personal favorite is "Timeline". A timeline that displays my hideous creations has no right having music that hits that hard.

  20. You didn’t even mention that Toby Fox even made a version of MEGALOVANIA for Homestuck ;0;

  21. You didn’t even mention that Toby Fox even made a version of MEGALOVANIA for Homestuck ;0;

  22. Oh yes so entertaining watching a youtube channel list 7 good songs from video games as of which everyone knows

  23. I may be WAY late to the party But another one from the gameboy that was absolutley MUCH more Amazing then it needed to be was Metal beat, the Title Screen Music for Metal Masters. A terrible game but that Title song was AMAZING

  24. The time-traveling sci-fi computer …I suppose you'd call it a first-person-point-and-click adventure game "The Journeyman Project" had music way better than it needed to be, too. One common favorite is the "Mars Maze" song, for navigating through a warren of deserted mining tunnels on Mars with a beat-up old breathing mask holding 'approximately' ten minutes of air, with no actual indication of how much is left. If you can find the full ten-minute version from the original game or Turbo (I think the Pegasus Prime remake handles this track differently, splitting it into two discrete sections? Not 100% sure about that.), you can hear the song's speed and tone change over time and be slowly replaced by increasingly-panicked valved breathing noises as the situation becomes more dire.
    Really, in all the scenes in that game, the music does a lot of the work to sell the atmosphere and emotion.

  25. the title screen music for pictionary on NES

  26. The clip of the mass effect galaxy music unlocked a core memory of car tuning on Forza Motorsport 4… Very similar

  27. The OST from Child of Light was great. Aurora’s Theme and Pilgrims on a Long Journey are the standout songs from it.

  28. The underhero soundtrack is pretty good. I really like Torn Stitches. If you see this comment, could you check it out?

  29. With all due respect sir …this is one of the worst list you have ever maded online, I can do 100 times better job than this without your special effect …if you wanna check the authenticity of what I'm talking about ..you should try resident evil 4 …and most wanted black ..they have the actual potential to be on this list

  30. I'm a really big fan of "Another Meduum" from undertale– but never really hear anyone talk about it.

  31. I am surprised that Tekken 7’s Endless azure theme didn’t made to this video.

  32. I only clicked on this video because Sans was on the thumbnail.

  33. Octopath travelers music overall is so splendid!

  34. 4:04 "…on the rarely-chosen 'kill everything' run that hardly any players will see." ……What the actual HELL are you talking about?! Literally every Undertale fan ever is familiar with Megalovania, either by playing through genocide themselves, or by watching a let's play by somebody who did. There's no such thing as a fan who HASN'T seen the Sans fight.

  35. The entire soundtrack to Panel Action Bingo for the Game Boy.

  36. The main theme of Pillars of Eternity. Two variations of it play during character creation, and those are good too, but the main theme is just… wow. Far better than it has any right to be considering that you're unlikely to hear anything more than the first few seconds. It doesn't even keep playing while your game loads.

  37. I thought the Robocop theme description had a punchline right up until the music started playing. What in the world…?

  38. It feels illegal to not put The World Ends with you in this video THE WHOLE OST OF THAT GAME IS INSANE

  39. Pictionary on the NES has zero right to go as hard as it does.

  40. The game over music for Platoon on NES.

  41. A song that was way better than it needed to be one comes to mind metal beat from metal master really good considering it was on Gameboy

  42. The music from the card game in Final Fantasy 8 is a good one also.

  43. "The Grand Opening" – Moxxi's Heist DLC from Borderlands 3 put the game on pause I could listen to it for hours.

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