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7 Times Music in Games Blew Our Minds – Round 2

Outside Xtra
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it’s the difficult second album, as the Outside Xtra and Outside Xbox teams choose more pieces of video game music that absolutely blew our minds 🤯🎶

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  1. Anyone for pretty much everything in Advent Rising? Anyone?

  2. The music in Mass Effect 1 is probably favourite from the series

  3. Also, never played Animal Crossing but I really enjoyed the musical stylings of K.K. Slider
    Praise the Luke [|]/

  4. I literally got into the video because I saw KK Slider, you go Luke!
    Also, Animal Crossing is a really relaxing game that makes you appreciate the small things in life and the fact that the colorful background dissappears and fades into black when KK Slider plays music and how the camera spins around in a slow motion while environmental effects play in the background is so soothing, really adds to the whole experience of listening to his music

  5. the music that can never leave your mind: Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Main menu theme.

    The largest banger: Skyrim Main Theme.

    The most emotional: breath of the wild exiting the shrine at the beginning.

  6. I super can't believe nobody fell in love or spoke about Yoshi's Islands main menu music Super Mario totally fell in love with it the crazy little weird Caribbean type of music Island is awesome

  7. Fly me to the Moon is probably my favorite song period. So imagine the excitement when I first played Bayonetta.

  8. But no one was ever paid for Kingdoms. Kurt ran off with all the money.

  9. Some of my favorite video game music ever is from the first Sonic the Hedgehog's Star Light Zone. And Ryu's stage music in Street Fighter Alpha. I used to put my Saturn disc in my Discman and listen to it on repeat.

  10. Kk slider music is just kinda mellow and nice. I like it too

  11. its been a lot of time so shes probably wont see this but Ellens hair looks perfect in this video omg

  12. Nier music and Nier Automata is amazing

  13. On rewatching this again, I've realized I would absolutely love to see Andy do some Oxplain videos too. Luke and Andy are both so fun to listen to explaining game history that they're interested in, and they both make it very easy to follow.

  14. KotOR has very good ambience, I think there even was a whole album of it somewhere.

  15. Legend of Dragoon – menu music

    Bloodborne – First Hunter

    Portal – Still Alive

    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time – Poe collection room/Gerudo Valley

    Zero G Racing 3 – Atradaidochi ( spelling)

  16. KoA was a good game but the main quest could have been flushed out a bit more, it was better than both cyberpunk and fallout 76 both of which I wasted 70 dollars on… that's an idea, do a video on games that ticked off people who pre-ordered them

  17. The entire soundtrack of Shadow of the Colossus is my pick, but if I were to pinpoint it further, I would choose the greatest of its battle music – Resurrected Power. I don't need to explain why it's the best.

  18. I know we all have oxboxtra quotes that live rent-free in our heads, like Luke's I'M A NORMAL ADULT MAN; my ever-green Mike quote is "It's an absolute stone-cold space banger IT SLAPS, ANDY"

  19. Yoko Shinomura is soooooo good. Kh music is the besst

  20. nobody:

    not one person:

    not a single soul:


  21. There is so much music from games that I absolutely love. Dozens of Zelda and Halo tracks and plenty in Borderlands 2, Destiny and the Arkham games. One that I really like is Gears Keep on Turning from Gears of War 3. The song kicks in at a much needed point in the game when the end of the game is close and you enter the hallway outside the room Marcus’s father is being held and makes you feel unstoppable. It also plays over the final cutscene when you get to see all your sacrifice pay off.

    Also Jane and Mike were both spot on with their choices. So many Doom tracks and Mass Effect tracks are really great.

  22. Stick This In Your Console and Smoke It! says:

    I have a long standing hatred of Treasure Trove Cove, coz me and older brother used to play through the game level by level and he worked out how to have the most fun levels for him, also sod that shark

  23. The Silent Hill theme is friggin amazing. Ultra melancholic, but amazing.

    The music from ARK is pretty insane too.

  24. How dare they mock you Luke. The KK slider music is amazing.

  25. Another great one from Starfox is the Armada stage. It's like your very own Star War

  26. 28:02 – “But my favourite piece is the delightful, DELIGHTFUL… KK Samba! Let’s hear a little now.”
    I’m still dying. He sounded like a radio DJ.

  27. I love that Jane is literally a scientist, and rocks metal while playing video games. And also plays a badass head popping warlock. Many faceted this one!

  28. One of my favourite game songs is from possibly my favourite underrated cult classic, Dragon's dogma. The intro title song. This game is a fairly standard fantasy based RPG, but out of nowhere the title music comes in with rock, electric guitars, and even a power ballad style guitar solo. Unexpected and epic!

  29. The intro music from the ORIGINAL ps1 soul blade, and the ORIGINAL phantasy star online!

  30. i've never posted a comment on youtube, but for you guys i'd like to share a moment of my childhood that still brings my hair up. Im in tears since the first note and in extasy at the end of it…and im talking about the Gran Turismo 2 intro, the cinematic and the guitar…..that is the soundtrack of my life. ty ^^

  31. Today I realized that Snake Eyes from MegaMan ZX was the perfect final level music.
    What masterclass of player empowerment. The entire level was energetic as you scaled Slither Inc's headquarters to destroy the Model W Biometal and save the world.
    I slept on MegaMan Music for too long these past few years

  32. Man… hearing KK Slider… I felt like I was back in June 2020, hanging out with my friends in the only way we could: having a virtual concert in Animal Crossing to hear the greatest fictional musician- nay, the greatest MUSICIAN – of all time.

  33. Nooshpere from the Mechanicus game
    When you want both a technical song and a choir singing mechanical praise in the background, its a nice headbanger

  34. So we are not gonna talk about the HITMAN 2 Miami driver lounge theme? Such a vibe is it

  35. Hello where is dg Octavio theme called I am octavio

  36. KK slider is the best! I love so many of the songs he does it’s brilliant, don’t worry Luke you aren’t alone

  37. The Last of Us obvi. Or specifically tlou2. That sting at the beginning of the fight between Ellie and Abbi??? God it's the greatest single moment in game music ever.

  38. Yeah Corneria Theme does slap, not gonna lie. Sets a great tone for an action game.

  39. I never played Animal Crossing but somehow KKs songs are irresistibly catchy…

  40. I want to hear Luke rave about DJ KK in Happy Home Paradise

  41. I know this might not be seen, but the music from the game HEXIC HD is just too good and too weird for its own good. It just puts you in a very strange mood. Love it. 🖖🏿🖤

  42. Destiny title screen is the greatest piece of music ever composed

  43. Corneria sounds a lot like the After Burner theme

  44. Anyone here like deluge dirge from splatoon2-3

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