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7 Times Music in Games Blew Our Minds

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Occasionally music in a game can knock you flat, whether with its sheer badassery, or ability to make you burst immediately into tears. Here are seven pieces of game music that blew our tiny minds.

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  1. One that immediately comes to mind is Confronting Myself from Celeste. It was literally the reason I played the game in the first place. I remember actually playing the game, getting to Reflection, and finding Badeline. I expected another chase, like in Old Site, but the exchange between Madeline and Badeline ending in silence until you initiated the fight. The sudden burst into such a great song really hit me as "This is gonna be one Hell of a fight." and holy cow did it deliver. I could go on about the fight itself, but Confronting Myself is probably the best song in the whole game, really only rivalled by Reach for The Summit (the music for Summit).

  2. Y’know, these are good songs, “The song that might play when you fight Sans” and many sonic tracks are good to, like for example, open your heart, live and learn, and his world

  3. UNDERTALE being on this list. Minus 20 sins

  4. “What happens when your good, when your evil, when your neutral” not talking about UNDERTALE btw

  5. the (spoilers) boss fight version of 'I'll face myself' from persona 4

  6. 26:53 I kinda teared up, because that part of the song reminded me of my childhood, when I had no cares in the world.. When everything was happy.

  7. Friend: whos your favorite game designer
    Me:toby fox
    Friend: whos your favorite music composer
    Me:. . . Toby fox

  8. Three words Super Metroid Brinstar! Absolute banger of a title for a 1994 game!

  9. ur average simp down the street by walmart says:

    Literally any of Undertale’s songs could be on his list

  10. This is like a sitcom about video game music

  11. I hear the undertale theme when I wake up and I just find myself humming it whenever and wherever,even though I have never played it

  12. Full Throttle – soundtrack by The Gone Jackals. Absolutely perfect for the game. Plus it has a really bizarre version of Ride of the Valkyries

  13. deltarune.
    the song "field of hopes and dreams"
    i dont have to explain, just go and play the game.

  14. I have two songs from the same series 1 beautiful golden city from suikoden1 and 2 is gothic neclord from suikoden2

  15. While not one of the greatest, damned from cod zombies is one of the most iconic video game songs of all time. It perfectly captures the feeling of zombies.

  16. don't you think the song of time from ocarina of time is the best zelda song?

  17. Every single time I hear "Undertale," it stabs me straight in the heart. So emotional, so beautiful.

  18. another great song for UNDERTALE’s section imo is Battle Against a True Hero, as you’re fighting the true hero of this world during genocide, and eventually you win, but Undyne puts her whole soul into it and gains the DETERMINATION to fight you.

  19. There is one song that stood out in UT for me though…

    And that's Memory. It's just sad and represents sadness, pain.. Yet It gives you calm feeling that you be ok and that things will be better. My heart just aches when song plays.

    Tbh I almost cried once 😅

  20. Robocop 3 Main Theme – C64

    From the Original Killer Instinct:

    Cinder's Theme
    Saberwulfs Theme

    Shoot or Die From Turrican.

    From Unreal Tournament:

    Go down
    Foregone Destruction
    Mission Landing
    The course

    …..actually a list from my30 years of gaming would be way too long of just the prime picks….😆

  21. while the selections here are good, for me , the ENTIRE soundtrack from "Castlevania : Symphony of the Night" is the best for me. And each piece of music fits the stage/area they are based in makes perfect sense. Yes in the inverted castle the music does get repetative, but still, the music is so good i even listen to it "outside" of the game.

  22. Sea of thieves shanties are really good

  23. For me it has to be the Admiral’s death theme in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. That was the only boss in any game that nearly brought a tear to my eye

  24. Luke covered the Undertale theme, but I've got to say, by the time we confront Azriel, Hopes and Dreams made me cry.

  25. I'm late to the party but want to suggest
    The piece from final fantasy 9
    I think it's called roses of may?

    When he is alone on Terra it plays through the battles as all the friends he has made try to get through to him.

  26. Not specifically a song, but a character's songs. Spamton reminds me of my primary school where I tried to be liked but wasn't. I'm fine now, don't worry!

  27. You can play just the first note of Megalovania and people will still recognize it.

  28. Sonic colors (intro), lock's quest (overworld theme), undertale(everything) and xenoblade 2 (torigoth day, Indol night, mor ardain day,…) are my picks.

    Also maybe hyrule warriors.

    Oh yeah also the botw reveal trailer. It's incredible.

    And finally: Pokemon mystery dungeon 2 (sea of time, dialga fight, the sad and the mysterious ones as well. That game is one pile of incredible musical moments)! That's 7!

    Edit:nevermind, I'm replacing hyrule warriors with deltarune chapter 2 cyber world! That blew my fucking mind!

    Oh yeah and kid icarus uprising… FUCK that's 8!

  29. I choose Battle with A True Hero from Undertale.

  30. Delta rune just rocked my mind and soul, no pun intended. It seriously made a jester and a computer ad man just be the most awesome characters I've ever known in modern gaming.

  31. i love the part when they play the main theme at the end of mafia 1 its probably my fav

  32. We all love music here at OX towers, but some video game music is just so epic, cool, heart-wrenching or beautiful in its simplicity, that they really struck a…*chord* with us… ahem… Here, then, are those musical moments that make us stop and go "whoa…" whenever we hear them. 🎵🎶

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