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8 Bit Background Music – “A Bit Of Hope” – chiptune video game music

FesliyanStudios Background Music
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8 Bit Background Music – “A Bit Of Hope” – chiptune video game music
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Hi, my name is David Fesliyan and I’m a music composer from California. I hope you like the music and I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel because it helps me out! 🙂 – click the bell as well if you would like!

Track name: “A Bit Of Hope”

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  1. Hi All, let me know what you think of the 8 bit music!

  2. this should be seen more, this is great!

  3. Yo sounds awesome. Would I be able to use this please (credit given where due of course)

  4. Great stuff. I feel like I'm back in the 90's and just opened a key generator for the latest pirated game.

  5. This would probably play during the prologue boss.

  6. the ENDLESS game,
    & Attempting to terminate 🙂

  7. Wow thia is perfect, i just cant decide if this is the intro for some old school RPG or the credits where everybody is celebrating victory. Good job, really catchy!

  8. Please stay safe David, I still say you are the best composer on Youtube and we could use some quality music now. Best wishes to you, yours and all the other people who enjoy your channel.

  9. Gives me a hope to look forward to more amazing music you make! Sounds amazing man! Look forward to your next music video!

  10. I could see this in a sky stage in a platformer.

  11. That is SO 1980s! I can vision the home screen, or set up menus while this is playing. Good one!

  12. you're amazing this is exactly what i love about retro games <3

  13. Thanks. I donated so I can use as intro for twitch stream. These are awesome!

  14. Great tune, super catchy! I plan on using it in a little free video game I'm making at the moment.

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