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90 minutes of my favourite video game music || thank you for 100k!

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3 years, 100 uploads, and 100,000 subscribers. Thank you everyone! I started this channel so that I would have music to listen to while I studied and someone we ended up here. Absolutely wild!! Thanks so much!

This is a playlist of my current favourite songs: ones that I never skip and always look forward to in my playlists! I arranged it to start chill and ramp up the energy. I hope that you like it!

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0:00 Zora’s Domain (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
3:43 Rito Village – Night (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
8:23 8PM (Animal Crossing City Folk)
11:04 Crimson Loftwing (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
13:07 Lilycove City (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby)
15:14 Hang Glider (Pilotwings Resort)
19:49 Sage Fodo (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
21:08 Able Sisters (Animal Crossing New Horizons)
23:02 Creative Exercise (Mario Paint)
24:55 Mt. Pyre Exterior (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby)
27:43 World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
29:50 Submission Plaza (Check Mii Out Channel)
32:48 Nook’s Cranny (Animal Crossing New Horizons)
35:12 Options (Mario Kart Wii)
36:16 Mii Channel
38:42 Timed Minigame (Animal Crossing New Horizons)
41:23 Registration (Big Brain Academy)
43:52 Winning Results (Mario Kart Wii)
44:55 Outset Island The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
47:01 Comet Observatory 3 (Super Mario Galaxy)
49:42 Character Select (Diddy Kong Racing)
51:13 Inkopolis News (Splatoon)
53:15 Mario Circuit (Mario Kart Double Dash!!)
54:50 City Trial – Backside (Kirby Air Ride)
57:55 Treasure Town (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky)
59:46 Tentacular Circus (Splatoon 2)
1:01:48 Piranha Creep Creek (Super Mario 3D World)
1:04:49 Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
1:08:32 Dedede’s Royal Payback (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
1:10:37 Melty Monster Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
1:13:05 New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey)
1:16:27 Thrills at Night (Paper Mario The Origami King)
1:19:13 Tortimer Island Medley (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
1:23:32 Tropical Resort – Act 1 (Sonic Colors)
1:27:54 Katamari on the Rocks (Katamari Damacy)


  1. congrats on 100k and thanks for providing some amazing playlists! 🙂

  2. Congrats Shadow, I’ve been a longtime viewer, and these playlists have always come out at the right time for me. They’re always long enough to listen to for hours, and I can find the right music for any situation. Again, congrats

  3. I start school again tomorrow, yikes. Luckily for me, I have been listening to your playlists a lot, and it helps me get schoolwork done. When I am allowed, I always set the mood of the class with one of your videos. There has always been a playlist or two that fits the stories I write for my journals, and the music is perfect to keep my thoughts steady and give me ideas. The choices of music are amazing too, and I can tell you put a lot of time into these! After a bad day or class, your playlists never fail to cheer me up. 😀
    Big thanks for helping me out, and congrats on 100K!

  4. Wow Mt. Pyre Exterior goes way harder than it needs to and I'm thankful for it! Great playlist as always Shadow! Congratulations

  5. i dont really know these songs but i love them congrats on 100k u really deserve more

  6. Thank you for everything! You get me through Uni, through my job, make my hobbies sweeter and brighten up my creative projects. I love your playlists. There is so much game music, but your playlist have the special something- you manage to find songs that fit together perfectly. Either in theme, melody, rhythm, style, or whatever it is- you just have the feeling for it. The ultimate Nintendo Music library brain or something. Thankkkkk youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  7. i was introduced to skyward sword and got interested in zelda lore after discovering one of your nintendo playlist so thank you for that! you deserve all the subs 😀

  8. highly recommend checking out the cadence of hyrule soundtrack! it's amazing and has some hidden gems!

  9. Can you do a QnA For 100k subs?
    My Q: Are you planning to change your channel name? If so, what to?


  11. Gracias! I enjoy a lot your mixes. Please, do more. I know is frustrating that Nintendo get down your mixes but I ensure that the people ( or, at least, I) enjoy your content. Thanks

  12. Congratulations! I've been subscribed for some time now. Just love your music. 😃

  13. A great playlist created by the greatest human. Thank you for everything! Congrats on 100k! Here's to 100k more!!

  14. congrats on 100k! tysm for the lovely playlists!

  15. The check out mii channel is such a bop. I remember spending hours on it as a kid.

  16. Congrats on 100k! I always thought you were at 100k+ this entire time…

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