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90’s Game OST Style Synth Playlist – Cataclysm // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

White Bat Audio
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This mix is 100% copyright safe to use in your visual projects, just credit “Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio” when you use it. Subscribe and hit the notification button for more free music in the styles of cyberpunk, darksynth, synthwave, metal and more! Get ready to experience one of the most iconic shooters of the ’90s with play zero tolerance game on Sega. With its fast-paced action and intense battles, it’s a game that will keep you coming back for more. So grab your Sega console and get ready to blast your way through hordes of enemies in this classic FPS.

1. Collider 0:00
2. Plague Rat 4:09
3. Melt Your Mind 7:32
4. Among the Ruins 11:05
5. Freefall 15:32
6. Pieces 19:10
7. Legion 22:34
8. Trinity 25:58
9. Execution 29:52
10. The Illusion of Power 33:38
11. Cacodemon 37:47
12. Turbo Cop 41:41
13. Hardware 44:53
14. Cosmic Death Machine 49:19
15. Split Second 52:40
16. Anonymous 55:53
17. Catacombs 59:40

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1. What kind of projects CAN I use White Bat Audio music in?
– Projects such as: films, animations, YouTube videos, live streams, video games and podcasts.
– My music is 100% copyright safe so you can use it in your creative/visual project, just credit me “music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio”.

2. What can I NOT use White Bat Audio music in?
– Music projects such as: sampling my music and placing it in your song, recording vocals over my music, or re-releasing my music under a different name/title.
– If you use my music in your film or game, you CANNOT sell/distribute the soundtrack separately from the film/game. For example, you cannot upload the music soundtrack of your project to Spotify (or other audio streaming services) with my music included.

3. How do I credit you?
– “Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio” is fine. You can put the song title too if you like.

4. Can I record vocals on your music and upload to Spotify, Apple Music etc.?
– No.

5. Can I use your music in videos/projects that are monetized?
– Yes!

6. Why did I get a copyright claim when using your music?
– It is either something else in your video, FB or Twitch being stupid and overly sensitive with their copyright detection software, or someone is making a fraudulent copyright claim on my music.
– If a person/company makes a false copyright claim on your project that uses my music, please dispute it and email me their information so I can take necessary action.


  1. So sick! Thank you very much for continuing to make music!

  2. That second track wow I mean this entire set was good but that second one was my favorite thanks for the tunes ot jam to while on stream!

  3. Когда услышал подборку carpenter synth and orbital decay сразу понял что Карл металлист.Эта подборка это подтвердила

  4. Трек hardware-идеальное сочетание синтов и метал риффов.

  5. Thank you for putting out so much awesome music! I making my first game and not only do I use this music for filler when I'm working, I plan on possibly featuring your music in the game. Keep up the great work!

  6. Your music goes hard AF. Seriously hope you get contracted by some studios at some point, you deserve it

  7. the Best and Greatest Synthesizer music in the World
    this is the most Rocking music to listen to Thanks.😎😎

  8. If it were biologically possible I'd have your children. ❤ the music 👍

  9. This makes me want to bench iron rather then see my inlaws ❤

  10. What frequency range do you use in your music ? Nice music by the way.

  11. The quality of your music keeps getting better and better with ever new song you definitely should get hired by big game and movie studios

  12. Ждал нового и дождался, моё настроение на высоте! Спасибо DJ🎧👨‍🎤🎶

  13. Aaaand here we go again, another Masterpiece made by Karl.

  14. Time to get pumped, ladies and gents. 💪🏾 Thanks, Synthmaster Karl.

  15. I still think you put chemical brothers to shame 😅

  16. What should’ve been featured in doom and doom 2


    Love listening while I ART pen and ink, and build cool fantastical worlds. My only go to audio channel. Great stuff.

  18. I would love it if you would throw up a vid of you creating. That would make my year, sir!

  19. Masterpiece! Thank you Karl.

  20. "This mix is timeless. I’ve heard this one countless times <3 love it!


  21. I Always use your stuff in my TTRPG sessions. Thankyou for the incredible SLAP🙇🏼

  22. Reminds me of so many things and emanates a mid 90s NIN energy. Really nice.

  23. Oooooo Melt Your Mind is a good deep mind scrambler, the inner ear vibrations from every sound, so good 💜

  24. Bruh! That opening track as some serious groove to it.

  25. Dam this music is freaking fire. You should be more careful making it or you'll set the world ablaze – global warming being the lesser concern, coming to fry our butts before we know it it's so hot & spicy.

  26. Man that first track paired with the sick visuals/thumbnails sheeeshhh!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pure heat! I love it and thank you 🙏🏾 also love trinity was another hot one that hit right. The whole track list is just amazing. Thank you

  27. Heh, Cacodemon actually sounds like a possible Doom song. Great mix as always!

  28. do you mind if I make some music videos with your tracks for YouTube?

  29. The first song reminds me of that game on the ps1 demo disc kinda like quake but more dark.

  30. I like everything I've listened to that you've released. Thanks for sharing these awesome playlists with everyone!

  31. So good, feels like Doom, Hexen, Rise of the Triad, Quake etc <3

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