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A+ Dropouts – Boy Games (Official Music Video)

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Directed by: Anthony M. Giglio

Director of Photography: Benjamin Dell

Boy Games
written by Sean Silverman, Alex Silverman and Cheska Zaide
Song Recorded and Produced by: Sean Silverman, Alex Silverman
Performed by: A+ Dropouts

Film Crew:
First Assistant Director: Geoff Wehner
First Assistant Camera: Chris Knauer
Second Assistant Camera: J.R. Racine
Chief Lighting Technician: Nick Cutway
Key Grip: Jule Fontana
Art Direction: Stepahnie Bockenstette
Hair Stylis and Make up: Gina Forstieri
Band Stylist: Chantelle Watson
Production Assistant: Johnny Soderburg
Video Editor: Kyle Whimore

Special thanks to Cheska’s Endorsers:
Daisy Rock


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Clayton USA

Special thanks to:
Bankrupt Films, MMI Live, EightyOneTwentyThree Management, Siren Studios, No6 Editorial, Malones, Rehling family, Benko family

Our sponsors:
Howard Meyer, Peter Leung, Michael Watanabe, Stephen Leung, Daniel and Helen Leung, Garrett Biele, Karah Gomez, Sonia Zaide, John Reed, Julie Gaddi, Forsties, Joanne Lund, Amie Apodaca, Curtis Ellor

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  1. 0:21 Jarrad Labarrie in the back. he has has a youtube channel lol

  2. lol I was in this video . but as the crowd :c , anyways they are really good and she is even prettier in person.

  3. Yes , she did ! She lived here up until 6th grade, than moved to Virginia, and moved back here about a year and a half ago 🙂

  4. Yes she does ! Just search A+ Dropouts and their "No Time For Goodbyes" ep will come up and so will 3 songs off their new "Boy Games" ep 🙂

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  6. are you guys gettin paid for this brilliance?

  7. Soo punky, I love it lol! To me you kind of bring back the old AAR, thanks so much!! 🙂

  8. I love the outfit hair and music video! Rock on Cheska! @APlusDropouts

  9. I heard your song on the radio earlier!!!! And i was like HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  10. I spy Brennan! This was awesome by the way 🙂

  11. This is really good, for an unknown group of kids. I'll definitely share it around. :]

  12. This girl is expressing my own life! Great job! (:

  13. This isnt even close to punk, this is pop-rock dude ^^

  14. It really does sound like the good ole American Reject songs (back in the days) like move along album and such. This song does sound punky, and I like it.

  15. Лучшее продвижение adslike.ru

  16. Продвинь своё видео чужими руками adslike.ru

  17. Thanks for sending me this video 😀 we should sing together one day… pleeaaassee

  18. This video reminds me of Alana lee- butterflies..

  19. Fantastic! a really well made pop-rock song!

  20. Omigosh! Your originals are even better than your covers. I love you so much. Hope I can see meet you one day

  21. Wish we could respond to everyone but thanks you guys for your support <3 

  22. Love this selection. YOu have the perfect voice for the synthesized sound. Count me as a fan!  DJ Rick Jey…actor/model, etc.

  23. Wow. You turned into complete pop…huh….

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