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A-Game – Zone 6ix [Official Music Video]

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Directed by: Karats The Trendsetter
Produced by: Chef Byer & Mike F The Hitman




  1. OLLAAAAYYY!!! Dope Shxt brothas! Come on down to Arizona ill get Yu on out here eaaasy

  2. Muito foda
    Obrigado Junior por me mostrar esse classico

  3. These guys have been on. Big track and dope video. Keep bangin' them out! #365

  4. The twins still aint getting the full attention they deserve and agame been repping toronto before it was called the 6ix lol

  5. Y'all been working, i rate the hustle and the progress y'all been making. Keep at it boys something big is coming your way! #365

  6. I fucks with this track from the SiX  Toronto Shit

  7. i don't like rap songs but i just wanna say this

     YOUR FUCKING HANDSOME !!! i love you

  8. can say that this guy has done his homework before coming out here

  9. what the fuck are ya doing here bro a guy like you really deserve to stand next to the professionals in the big music industry

  10. now that's what i call a pure hardcore rap song

  11. Why aren't these guys being played 24/7 on Canadian radio? Why am I listening to other countries' music (ie USA) and not my own? Must be because all of the ad money and sponsor money comes from American companies, pretty sad.

  12. love A-game there one of the best hip hop groups in Canada Canadian hip hop should be bigger then the states

  13. I'm just hoping you get the massage . Respect It

  14. I remember seeing you guys on Much Music Vibe back in like 07/08, I'm surprised that you haven't blown up yet. You have a lot of mainstream appeal.

  15. this song is SOoOoO dope !!! good job ! The mixtape Don is very excellent !!!

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