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Aftershock | Pentakill III: Lost Chapter | Riot Games Music

Riot Games Music
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No matter your power and no matter your fame, disruption and dissonance devour the same.

The official audio for “Aftershock” by Pentakill. From the album Pentakill III: Lost Chapter.

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Pentakill III: Lost Chapter – Aftershock


Featured artists: Tre Watson, Per Johansson
Written by: Tre Watson, Jose “Atlan” Aranda
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Mixed by: Adam “Nolly” Getgood
Mastered by: Ermin Hamidovic
Vocals performed by: Tre Watson, Per Johansson
Additional Vocals: Per Johansson
Rhythm Guitars: Tre Watson
Lead Guitars: Benjamin Ellis
Bass Guitars: Riot Music Team
Keys: Jose “Atlan” Aranda
Drums: Riot Music Team
Orchestration: Tre Watson, Riot Music Team
P/C Riot Games 2021

Foolish Creatures,
Impeding progress against the order
No more,
Destroy and Raze
Leave none alive

This suffering will be your fate
We’ll Bring an All-out Slaughter
The ones who pushed us farther

Those ravenous savages
Primitive, those beasts
Inviting this,
Bringing this
Ending that they seek

Down to the last one, show them who we are
Push them against the wall
Turning their whole world into ash
We’ll bleed their world dry, they’ll regret the day
When none of their lives remain
We’ll strike

You’ll know
The very nature of the animal you’ve cornered
Once your prey, and now your predator
The voices call for blood
Who are we not to listen?
(take your vengeance)
Who are we not to listen?
Who are we not to listen?

Turning their whole into dust and ash
We’ll bleed their whole world dry
Down to the last one, show them who we are
None of their lives will remain



  1. You might have a god on your side, but we have Mordekaiser and my hat(right Karthus?)

  2. KDA: Casually Existing

  3. Viego- Insultates the whole damn of each Pentakill Member on a entire song

    1:50 Yorick: 🖐️🖐️🖐️🎸🎶

  4. This song reminds me of Cod zombies songs, i love it

  5. Plot twist, this is what Viego did to entice people to his side, That’s why Draven lost instantly as this was a absolute banger

  6. I really, really wish there had been more love for this event. Any merch at all. Posters even. A physical album sale, tabs or a lyrics book. They literally have all of the art ready too man 🙁

  7. Who else suddenly lost their conviction about their sexuality?

  8. Pentakill is so good That now I like Viego as a ridiculous villain
    he's like our tall veigar. "Look at him trying to be taken seriously haha. Cool songs tho."

  9. can I listen to this music on stream or is it copyrighted

  10. aAA I'm back here again, just wanted to point out that those 1:51 smooth-soft lines are so godaMN H O T

  11. How brutal this band could be without clean vocals.

  12. Aftershock | Pentakill III: Lost Chapter | Riot Games Music

  13. fianlly a song about league players, Pentakill rocks!

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  15. A MELHOR DO ALBUM e eu odeio o Viego


  16. le dedico esta música a todos los chavistas, adecos y copeyanos

  17. I'm so thankful Riot catered to the metalheads of their player base!

  18. isn't this just me or goredrinker is more suitable name for this song

  19. I will single-handedly bring this video to 1million views.

  20. Pentakill lore: Tales of Gods, Warriors, Blood, Destiny, Glory, Conquering

    Kda: idk some pop stars or something

  21. Everytime I listen to this song, I imagine a Videoclip that show human destroying nature to his own purpose

  22. The description of the video "No matter your power and no matter your fame, disruption and dissonance devour the same.", sounds like they are talking about depression.

  23. this music is so bad it made my ears bleed. disgrace.

  24. The only thing that made the skin Dissonance of Pentakill Viego relevant to the Viego we had in concert

  25. Instrumental does slap but vocals cringe as usual 🤷‍♂

  26. 1:51 El sincopado del bajo haciendo slap con la batería, DIOS MÍO YORICK, UNA BESTIA ❤️

  27. This made me buy the skin and i shall remember it as the first ever skin i bought

  28. W E ' L L B L E E D T H E I R W H O L E W O R L D D R Y .

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