Amazing Video Game Music with Cool Instruments! -

Amazing Video Game Music with Cool Instruments!

Joe Porter
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– The flairdrum:


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Having so much fun playing all of these Amazing Video Game Themes with Cool Instruments!


  1. Why is my favorite part the way he announced each instrument.
    MarIMba! 😀

  2. When u did the overworld theme my whole life flashed before my eyes

  3. Him: * plays Gerudo Valley
    Me: N O S T A L G I A

  4. Imagine he messes up on the last one and has to start all over again

  5. yaaay my favorite PS4 game! cuphead! btw i have ps4

  6. 0:04 That tune reminds me of the same tune of the cantina band from Star Wars

  7. New thing learned the start of threatin zeplin is definitely a vibraphone

  8. oye deverdad que no es la cancion de minecraft

  9. I can’t listen to otherwise without hearing the game of thrones theme

  10. I'm a big Minecraft fan and you played Otherside really well, it sounded great👍

  11. 0:00 Super Mario World: Overworld
    0:11 Super Mario bros: Underground theme
    0:24 Cuphead: Threatinin' Zeppelin
    0:40 the Legend of Zelda: Gerudo Valley (My personal favorite)
    1:09 MINECRAFT: Otherside

  12. My favorite part was when he played music

  13. I was just wondering if you could do a cover of Tomorrow’s Nostalgia Today from Splatoon 3

  14. Joe, if i am late pls tell me that i can do a video of my own and do a duel of me and u playing instruments of mario songs

  15. I strive to be as good of a percussionist as he is, but that's a far-fetched dream. You're doing amazing!!

  16. The Super Mario Bros. underground theme hasn’t changed much

  17. 1 Steel Pan
    2 Vintage Stylophone
    3 Vibraphone
    4 Xylophone
    5 Marimba

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