Ambient Indie video game music to help you sleep (Omori, Yume Nikki, Eastward...) -

Ambient Indie video game music to help you sleep (Omori, Yume Nikki, Eastward…)

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Mix I made for personal use, Hope you enjoy!
art :
0:00 Eastward – Silent mist
1:00 Yume 2kki – antiquared resthouse
4:14 Eastward – Island ester
6:09 omori – aquifier
9:55 Yume 2kki – Forest Carnival
13:36 Omori – Glade
14:35 Yume 2kki – Decrepit Dwellings
16:47 Omori – Water
17:48 Omori – Do you Remember
18:31 Proteus – ?
21:40 Eastward – Tale
22:30 Cat Lady – The Noises She Makes in her bed
23:40 Yuque – Title Theme
24:53 Omori – H20 HCL
27:05 Lcddem – Lily Garden
29:40 Lcddem – Box Mazes Book Room
32:01 Omori – Spaces In Between
33:06 Omori – You Must Carry on
34:40 proteus – ?
36:44 Anodyne – Anodyne
37:40 Oneshot – Sonder
40:20 Oneshot – Children of the Ruins
42:14 Machinarium – By The wall
46:44 Lcddem – End


  1. that transition from water to do you remember was amazing but also made me cry 🙁

  2. 9:55 I can't seem to find this version of Forest Carnival? Really love the way it sounds

  3. When i opened the video, i wondered. How many people cried while listening it.

    And then the add slapped me in the face 🗿

  4. I love music like this whenever I'm working. I swear it makes me work faster. <3

  5. Is there a Spotify or SoundCloud link for these?

  6. I like your username cos its almost the toki pona word for "non-binary"

  7. I love these tracks, but god help you if you sleep to them

  8. hey uh.. i think you probally forgot a game, a hat in time.

  9. heard the opening notes to By The Wall and had the most intense flashback to playing machinarium as a kid

  10. Yume nikki and omori are two of my favorite games of all time even though I’ve never played them.

  11. Yes man get some OneShot in there and whabam. Amazing

  12. I had listened to music from Yume Nikki and Omori before, but I never heard of "Eastward". And I loved the music.
    Like a week later I saw the game at GameStop and I love it! And this playlist is the one that introduced me to the game, so thank you!

  13. pov: its a cold and sleepy winter day, because its already getting dark at 16 o clock

  14. Can we get another one of these play lists from you 🤞

  15. Wow this is absolutely perfect. I have been having a lot of issue with stress lately and this calms me down. Thanks fam!

  16. I've been sleeping to this mix for a few months now, it's been the soundtrack to my dreams and mornings, it's almost like I can't sleep without it now. I can't thank you enough for it, but here's a comment

  17. Yumme Nikki is technicaly Omori but Madotsuki has no friends.

  18. My favorite playlist I listen to every night ^^ Thank you for making this nice compilation <3

  19. Omori songs are very good, they bring a feeling of peace, better rpgs, mad father is also very good

  20. People just love making RPG maker games with psychopathic kids

  21. 17:48 why does omori have so many soundtracks that are so fucking similar to final duet like dude you already made me cry from the duet what do you want from me 🤧

  22. damn the transition duet to proteus is brutal

  23. 21:40
    Something tells me that if I fall asleep under this, I will have a nightmare…

  24. Didn't comment like 6 months ago but dope ong

  25. the first few notes to "do you remember?" sent so much of a shiver through my spine but in a good way. omori is so incredible.

    edit: replayed it a few times and now im crying.

  26. I'm glad eastward is getting somemore recognition, it really deserves it. Sure, it has its flaws. but for me, it was a really meaningful experience, and i havent found anything that can quite replicate the feeling.

  27. lol I thought Yume Nikkii was dead-

  28. The reverse parraled paradox the data the ideas the truth the lifes stolen his attempts and brainwashing

  29. The devil wouldnt be know if i couldnt beat god

  30. Im sorry i came i saw and i realized the world was never my place i had none

  31. Im starting a new horror book and I was looking for a creepy indie themed playlist I LOVE THIS SO MUCH 😭

  32. Man Eastward is such a cute little game that no one played that feels like classic Zelda as imagined by Ghibli but it committed the cardinal sin of releasing the same day as Deltarune chapter 2
    It had no chance

  33. هديل بنتي هديل اريدها بكل معنى كلمة اريد انجابها

  34. знаете, я не раз возвращаюсь к этому плейлисту и видя новые комментарии про омори и юме2кки я расстраиваюсь.. почему никто не вспоминает о легендарном машинариуме на 42:15 секундах?? жаль осознавать, что игра с гениальными композициями уступает новым просто потому что её не расфорсили.. хотя, возможно это к лучшему.

  35. when i saw Eastward was on here I got so so happy- it's my favorite game i've ever played and does NOT get enough attention. im surprised more ppl aren't talking about it in the comments, the soundtrack makes me FEEL THINGS
    im actually listening to this while writing the script for a video about Eastward 🙂

  36. i genuinely feel like killing myself everytime i get an ad

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