ASMR Whisper Ramble: Latest obsessions in books, music, games, and more -

ASMR Whisper Ramble: Latest obsessions in books, music, games, and more

Springbok ASMR
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A casual whisper ramble wherein I accidentally refer to Roach the horse as a male, profess an obsession for The Dark Tower, and admit that I really, really want to test Pied Piper Beta. Please use headphones!
On a serious note–a lot of heartbreaking things have happened in the world lately. It can seem small, but choosing kindness is courageous and it’s sometimes the most we can do as people. Please know you are loved and pass some love along.


  1. Spring, I'm appalled and outraged to see a spelling mistake on the 'About' section of your blog. You say you enjoy literature? I scoff!

  2. In Arizona, summer means it's time to stay inside all day and play video games 🙂

  3. Dear:Girl across the screen
    Notice me.

  4. You have good taste in art, Sai Springbok. I hear you very well.

  5. you should read the demon wars saga by RA Salvatore. best series ever

  6. I really recommend listening to music from Father John Misty it's actual perfection another great video btw!

  7. I recently read this book called "Jamrach's Menagerie"  by Carol Birch, and let me tell you, this book surprised me.  I'm not gonna spoil too much, but it takes place in 19th century London and the high seas. I can guarantee, you won't be able to stop reading the last 100 pages.  Anyway, I'd recommend "Jamrach's Menagerie" to anyone who likes a good yarn.  I'm a Stephen King fan and I really enjoyed the Dark Tower series.  You could squeeze "The Wind Through The Keyhole" between books 4 and 5, as that is when it takes place, TWTTK is a decent read too. Judging by Mood Robot's sound, you might like "Brad Sucks". Anyway, just some of my thoughts, keep up the great videos! 🙂

  8. I'm one of the people not watching Game of Thrones, we been thinking of getting HBO GO for it though. Also funny, I was playing Stardew Valley when you mentioned it. 🙂

  9. soooo she plays witcher so we can say that she`s playing porn simulator lol

  10. Oddly as much as I do enjoy Overwatch, I've been playing more league and games like Fallout 4. Im a fallout fanboy. lol

  11. You speak Tinglish very well
    You speak Tinglish very well

  12. Spring, your voice makes me smile! Never change. c:

  13. Dark tower is a good read it came from Stephen kings love of the lord of the rings books

  14. I love your videos you have such an amazing beautiful soft voice i too love game of thrones and penny dreadful and banshee

  15. This ramble made me happy~ I have yet to play the Witcher, but your explanation of it move it up to the top of my games-to-play list!

  16. Favorite Movies: Stand by Me, The Goonies, and 16 Candles

  17. This one makes me feel bad because I'm not into games and books and apparently slots anymore. Some guy is chewing me ear off.

  18. I'm hoping he doesn't like me. But in his opinion I'm dealing with the world.

  19. I really like your voice it always puts me to sleep

  20. Whisper is so much better 🙂
    Ps: i'm not watching GOT, I watch Breaking Bad

  21. This is my favorite! I would love for you to make more videos like this.

  22. I know I'm not in the right place but, I love the illustration of your banner ! Who is the artist ?

  23. I only discovered your channel yesterday. I can't believe I've missed you all this time.

    I'm a massive New Order fan. I've collected all their Factory output on vinyl (along with some other Factory bands) and I followed them on tour back in 2006. I got to see their last show with Peter Hook, which was bittersweet. I liked Music Complete, but I kinda have a hard time with their post-Factory output. It's just not the same without Peter Hook trying to drag them back into being a rock band. That rock vs. electronic tug-of-war was a big part of what made them great to me. I am going to see Peter Hook next spring which I'm really excited about. Have you read his books? They're fantastic, though the last one was kinda sad.

  24. I enjoy this type of video. It has a very relaxed feeling to it. I write a lot as a stress reliever and this is like the asmr version of that. Thanks for all you do, I appreciate it. I hope you're doing well and are happy.

  25. lol. You say “pop pop pop” when mentioning Stephen King and with the new “It” film that’s been released, Pennywise saying “pop pop pop” about popcorn reminded me of this video

  26. I just came across The Lobster on Netflix and I had to turn off the TV and come back to this video. I hope you’re doing well. Miss your sweet voice.

  27. Im glad you are in good form amanda m… y..

  28. Still haven't been able to finish this video

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