Awesome Mix of Video Game Music! -

Awesome Mix of Video Game Music!

Joe Porter
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Having a blast playing this mix of Awesome Video Game Music Themes that perfectly fit the games they were made for!

Hammered Dulcimer:


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Hope you enjoyed all of these amazing video game songs!
– Papers, Please Theme
– It’s Pizza Time from Pizza Tower!
– Super Mario Brothers Level Complete Theme
– Minecraft Dry Hands by C418

Musical Instruments:
– Hammered Dulcimer and MIDI Keyboard
– Drum kit (Drums, Drum set) and Stylophone
– Marimba
– Keyboard (piano)


  1. Bro that super Mario song was fire. 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Definitely did not guess 'Wet Hands' for dat Minecraft theme…😵‍💫

  3. Song suggestion #2

    Splatoon 3 or 2: 1 minute remaining theme

  4. Hello Joe 🤔🤔🤔 fnaf 2 music pls ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. uh why do you have to announce the names of the instruments like this is baby einstein

  6. when "it's pizza time" played I had the sudden urge to jump up and run for no reasin

  7. Can you do doors video I think the sound tracks are cool

  8. I love Dry Hands, it sounds sad and relaxing at the same time. Idk if this is the right usage of the word, but I think it’s bittersweet.

  9. The Papers, Please cover sounds very loyal to the original.

  10. Drumms of liberation from One Piece would be nice

  11. You should do a cover of the granny theme on piano.

  12. various pokemon villain or champion battle themes could be sick as hell

  13. Update tomorrow
    I’m not doing anything wrong

  14. Great pick for the minecraft one, that songs really nostolgic for me for some reason, and I dont know why. Would love to knkw the name, I think its "Moon Mice" ? Might be smth else

  15. I went haywire (spr_pizzahead_haywire reference 🙂 when I heard pizza time

  16. I love to do all these as guessing challenges, I got 3/4 on games somehow

  17. A full cover of pizza time would be amazing

  18. i never do this and i never wanted to do this but just because i saw the opportunity

    666th comment on this video

  19. There were 666 comments, now 667 comment.

  20. 1 Hammered Dulcimer
    And Keyboard
    2 Drumkit
    3 Marimba
    4 Keyboard

  21. Dry hands is one of the songs I am most liable to cry to I was unprepared

  22. Imagine the neighbors when it’s time for him to make another video 🗿

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