Awesome Video Game Music on A lot of Instruments! -

Awesome Video Game Music on A lot of Instruments!

Joe Porter
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– Handpan by @Ayasa Instruments


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Having so much fun playing all of the Awesome Video Game Music on Different Instruments! Which instruments and themes did you like the most? What music would you like to hear in the future?


  1. I find it funny how the undertale part says:

    “Undertale” from Undertale

  2. That's a Tubulum, never once heard it called a "Slapaphone".

  3. Please do a Billie Eilish song on the marimba like bad guy

  4. Wait, you mean there are more songs in undertale than just megalovania???

  5. do you have to do these videos in one take? I feel like you'd be on tempo more often if you just took some time in between each song and didn't rush it to keep the EXACT same formula on every video. like a bit of variation would probably help a ton.

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  7. 1 steel pan
    2 vibraphone
    Feat xylophone
    3 handpan
    4 slapaphone
    5 marimba

  8. One day you should try fallen down by undertale

  9. If someone says something wrong to this man, he could write the best diss track just with saying, Marimba! Slapaphone!

  10. Omg that age of empires theme was something else! Many memories!!! Always loved each sound played after you choose the civilization you wanted to play with.

  11. I was wondering what the terraria song was and then THAT part started and i was like OHHHH

  12. *The memories of a game soon to be forgotten…. The HOPE that there will be another… the DREAMS it gave you…. it all fills you…. with DETERMINATION!

  13. Fun fact: the beginning baseline of "undertale" is played by a marimba

  14. My favourite one is terraria. lol

  15. Bob-omb field brought back memories from Super Mario 64 ds for me

  16. I love the sound of the Hand Pan. I need one of those DX

  17. When i saw the undertale logo i immediately thought hes gonna play megalovania

  18. You playing the age of empires II thing brought back so many memories

  19. the terraria theme nearly made me cry the nostialga the old friends i will never see again it was so nice to hear it again 🙂

  20. The age of empires man I am so nostalgic

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