Awesome Video Game Music on Cool Instruments! -

Awesome Video Game Music on Cool Instruments!

Joe Porter
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These Video Games have amazing music! This was a blast!

– Songbird Hammered Dulcimer:


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Hope you enjoyed Amazing Video Game Music on Cool Instruments! The music was from these games: My Singing Monsters, Hollow Knight, Terraria, Doors and Minecraft.


  1. is nobody talking about how the song doors (dawn of the doors) sounded like the little nightmares 2 theme?

  2. Pleaseeee the day by porno graffiti from my hero academia

  3. Can you please make a vid with more games like suspects aka among us but animals.

  4. Man I want Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!????

  5. Why is nobody talking about the fact that the doors One sounds like over cooked

  6. That was not doors music that was definitely Minecraft

  7. Omg doors ❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊

  8. Oh, people, I came to listen to toko terraria, I'm a fan of it and I still love playing, which can be said…

  9. I remember playing minecraft as a child and remembered this sad song😢😢😢😢😢❤

  10. 1 Drumkit
    2 Marimba
    3 Slapaphone
    4 Hammered Dulcimer
    And Keyboard
    5 Aquarion

  11. I play doors and Minecraft a lot so I really liked it very much that two songs just brought me to like the vid

  12. He puts awesome games, but since when was doors awesome?

  13. People who play hollow knight and msm 👇🏿

  14. Лучший косплей на жука навозника

  15. Doors is good i play that im trying to get hotel hell

  16. When your a good singer them playing doors


  18. I love everything best is the dawn of the doors

  19. It almost seems like half of these instruments were invented by you, like the instrument with the plastic bottles and the Aquarion

  20. For a cool video game song video, you should do lights, camera, action from Sonic Mania

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