Babe, please stop listening to video game music v4 -

Babe, please stop listening to video game music v4

Giga Cheddar
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After a hard day of battles it’s time for a dance party!

NieR Automata – A Beautiful Song
Bury the Light – Vergil’s battle theme Devil May Cry 5
Rules of Nature – Revengeance OST
Yakuza 0 OST – Friday Night

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  1. should've done "it has to be this way" for Raiden. It woulda been a hell of a transition

  2. My ex "why don't you listen to real music"

    Reasons they're an ex:

  3. The halo theme song is the greatest piece of music ever made and video game music is amazing

  4. Me listening to Driftveil city OST from Pokémon white and black

  5. Please make V5 with Ryan Cooper and Need For Speed ProStreet Music.
    Edit:ive already seen thatyou have different versions so please make the new one with NFS ProStreet and Ryan Cooper when you have time.

  6. You mispronounced "weebs video game music"

    Me and the boys listen to doom and half life 2 soundtracks

    We're not the same

  7. every single katana users in games are motivated XD

  8. You can’t forget halo’s OOOOOHOOOOOHOOOHO

  9. Weebs will be weebs.
    Another reason why this planet could use another nuke.

  10. These girlfriends think they can stop us

  11. I'll admit, Giga Chad whith 2B's blindfold and hair is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  12. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had some bangers not gonna lie

  13. Yo they forogot to invite me

  14. My pipe dream is a crossover fighting game featuring exclusively silver-haired sword wielders as the roster. The Sparda boys, Raiden, the YorHa androids, Kainé and Nier, Sephiroth, Geralt of Rivia, you name em.

  15. They all sound nice until you start to notice Savathûn’s Song playing in the background.

  16. That's a wholesome video ! I screamed of excitement when" bury the light " suddenly comes out !

  17. All these songs transitioning so well together should be illegal. It’s simply incredible!

  18. This a gigaCHAD channel, you getting a subscription for it

  19. Finally, I can describe myself in one video 😎 🙏🏼

  20. Xenoblade music is the video game best ost I heard imo

  21. Bury the light is probably the best ost ever made for the coolest character ever.

  22. Where's my fellow Minecraft ost enjoyers?

  23. Listening to OSTs since years, always felt like a weirdo about it, glad it becomes more and more a thing.

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