Babe, please stop listening to video game music v4 -

Babe, please stop listening to video game music v4

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After a hard day of battles it’s time for a dance party!

NieR Automata – A Beautiful Song
Bury the Light – Vergil’s battle theme Devil May Cry 5
Rules of Nature – Revengeance OST
Yakuza 0 OST – Friday Night

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  1. I have always loved octs of movies and games. Very good music they have! 💪😎

  2. Remembering

    Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3 japan version – super survivor ( vocal )

  3. Rocket league OST needs to make an appearance at some point

  4. Every ost is good ost, no matter are you playing a rpg,fps, or even simple puzzle every ost is good

  5. FINALLLYY "a beautiful song" gets some recognition god f damit

  6. Why does raiden get the wrong sword everytime

  7. Damn that friday night at the end is so cool

  8. Peace and Christ bless you all!
    Stay safe everyone!

  9. I like how there is "I AM THE STORM THAT IS APROOOOOCHING" then "RULES OF NATURE" and after all of that goes Friday Night xd

  10. I love that the NieR Automata OST is actually just a made up language.

  11. Can't go without listening to Undertale/deltarune ost's

  12. Xenoblade fans getting interrumped in the best part of the song for the principal mechanic of the game

  13. Bro god of war 2 ost bangs, also tekken 5

  14. every time it comes to my nf I always listen to it

  15. I think everybody in this comment section will listen to bury the ligh its such a bamger

  16. Omg, i LOVE the No More Heroes OST, y’all should give it a listen. If you want me to name one for you, ask for one

  17. If anyone has ever listened to the soundtracks of "ori and the will of wisps/ori and the blind forest" God bless you with riches 😂

  18. I am indeed the storm that is approaching

  19. Can we give some love to the Plague Tale: Innocence soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere?

  20. Call of Duty World at War comes to mind as also having a great ost

  21. Old doom music is the only true video game music.

  22. 0:40……awhhh so close….’As You Like’ is the Chadliest of Y0 tracks imo 😄

  23. Bury the Light and Rules of Nature will always be the best.

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