Background Music Games (Part 1) -

Background Music Games (Part 1)

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Jimmy and Christian act out scenes based on the background music

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James The Human:

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  1. Coming to you from Detroit Michigan😂😂😂💀💀

  2. They showed the wildwood boardwalk that shit crazy

  3. At some points I actually thought this was scripted

  4. Detroit Michigan reference tho👀👀

  5. 420k views don’t watch this anymore guys

  6. Somehow I’ve been watching this channel for 3 years and I still come across videos I’ve never seen

  7. I love this video it’s stupid underrated

  8. Christian :POKÉMON!?
    Jimmy : MOTOR CROSS!?

  9. Yo they predicted the Jason Statham and The Rock movie

  10. "what do you want me to do, not fuck your wife?" is a heavily underrated line

  11. i laughed so hard at christian in the saftey video hahahhaa

  12. While all these velociraptors are charging at us? Lmao i forgot about this vid

  13. how have i never seen this before this is like one of the most talented and funny things ive ever seen

  14. So we aren’t gonna talk about how they predicted Hobbs and Shaw?

  15. 2:04 Jimmy should've have said "my name is paul"
    Tad &b Paul (Tadpole)

  16. *they're on the moon* "is that a dolphin??" 😀

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