Barstool Sports Tries to Guess Iconic Video Game Music (and Fails Miserably) -

Barstool Sports Tries to Guess Iconic Video Game Music (and Fails Miserably)

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Barstool Personalities like Nick, Lil Sasquatch, Billy Football and more try their best to match up the original video game soundtrack to its origin!

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  1. If you didn’t get a perfect score you should unsubscribe. You’re not a gamer.

  2. Cumrags got me with lil sas in the thumbnail

  3. Makes ya feel realllll old, when guys don’t get Pokémon

  4. need someone to sample the Maniac Mansion theme song, that thing slaps.

  5. love the gametime with everyone. keep it up mragz

  6. Star Light Zone theme from Sonic is an all time video game song

  7. This was edited much better than the last one. Very enjoyable!

  8. God damn. Frank with the biggest choke job of all time

  9. They do a pretty great job actually…except sas

  10. no one knowing punch out was depressing

  11. Rags needs to change his name.. its been ruined… Everyone knows the best songs are in Bowser's Castle

  12. Hollow knight and Ori have the best sound tracks in recent memory

  13. I just know Nick about to go CRAZY. Super surprised he didn't get Minecraft though

  14. Rags, could you put a summary at the end for these type videos? list of the songs basically?

  15. TJ killing it again. Surprised we haven’t seen Gears of wars references but great video as always

  16. This was so fun to play along with. Crash Bandicoot was my jam

  17. Nick needs to make his niche on the dozen video game themes. Him and tank would kill that niche

  18. I died after Dance Dance Revolution from sas then later Spider

  19. of all the ones Frank got right, he missed halo and super smash bros??? wut

  20. People who pronounce Mario as merry-oh make me lose faith in humanity.

  21. The fact that no one got jetpack joyride is criminal

  22. I feel like spider knew them all, he was just trolling on the one he got wrong

  23. 7:05 love the video but you need to put kenjac and sas last so we the audience can also play along….

  24. Solid vid, points at the bottom of the screen would’ve made it even better

  25. Replace duggs frank and glenny and this is an awesome cast for a video

  26. Was waiting for a Tony Hawk song, never came 😔

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