Beautiful Horror: 5 Hours of Great Music from Horror Games -

Beautiful Horror: 5 Hours of Great Music from Horror Games

Soda Dreamer
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Ever notice how horror games tend to have excellent music? This mix contains 107 tracks of such music, good to listen to while studying, writing, drawing, etc. Enjoy 🙂

Desolation – Siren Blood Curse 00:00:14
I’ve Been Losing You – Silent Hill 3 00:01:54
Alone in the Town – Silent Hill 2 00:05:44
World Spirit Map – Vampire: TMB 00:08:00
Serenity – Resident Evil 4 00:13:29
Save Room w/ Piano Vers. – Resident Evil 7 00:14:46
Rain of Brass Petals – Silent Hill 3 00:18:07
Tears Of – Silent Hill 00:21:59
Main Theme – Layers of Fear 00:25:15
The End – Layers of Fear 00:27:22
The Lady – Vampyr 00:29:30
Hunter’s Dream – Bloodborne 00:31:37
All Gone (No Escape) – The Last of Us 00:35:07
All Gone (Seasons) – The Last of Us 00:38:03
White Phosphorus – Spec Ops: The Line 00:39:58
Truth Revealed – Spec Ops: The Line 00:41:25
December and January – Prey 00:44:01
The Path (A New Beginning) – The Last of Us 00:46:43
Theme of Laura – Silent Hill 2 00:49:25
Promise – Silent Hill 2 00:52:50
Edward’s Theme – Vampire: TMB 00:57:25
Save Room – Resident Evil 01:02:14
Set You at Ease – Dino Crisis 01:05:23
Save Room – Resident Evil Dead Aim 01:10:53
Horizon – Dying Light 01:13:47
Heaven’s Night – Silent Hill 2 01:16:26
The Director – Lone Survivor 01:18:31
Free From Fear – Resident Evil 3 (2020) 01:20:13
Ada’s Theme – Resident Evil 2 (1998) 01:22:15
Twelve Feet Under – Shadows of the Damned 01:23:36
Null Moon – Silent Hill 2 01:26:19
Lost Soul – Alice Madness Returns 01:29:10
Zero – Resident Evil Zero 01:31:26
Main Theme – Alice Madness Returns 01:32:24
Sorrow – Folklore 01:33:47
Dance With Night Wind – Silent Hill 3 01:37:42
Main Theme – Resident Evil Outbreak 01:42:44
Main Theme – F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin 01:46:11
The Clicker – Alan Wake 01:48:45
Lacrimosa – Dead Space 2 01:50:36
The Ocean on His Shoulders – Bioshock 01:55:30
Icicle Elegy – Until Dawn 01:57:20
Visited Tragedy – Folklore 02:01:03
The Funeral – Rule of Rose 02:03:08
A Solo in the Park – Alone in the Dark 02:04:53
Nursing – Rule of Rose 02:07:58
The Attic – Rule of Rose 02:10:03
Dead – Koudelka 02:11:53
Piano Etude II – Rule of Rose 02:16:32
A Love Suicide – Rule of Rose 02:18:26
Ritual – Siren Blood Curse 02:22:17
Scene 7c – Koudelka 02:23:29
Lifeguard Theme Piano – Dead Island 02:24:56
Theme of Laura (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2 02:27:14
True – Silent Hill 2 02:29:05
The Bird’s Nest – Shadows of the Damned 02:32:12
You’re Safe Now II – Claire 02:34:36
You’re Safe Now I – Claire 02:37:46
My Dying Concubine – Shadows of the Damned 02:40:16
Multiple Personality – Killer7 02:42:13
Main Theme – Vampire: TMB 02:45:40
Mission Impossible – Vampire: TMB 02:49:01
Just Like Sleep (Ingame) – Hellblade 02:53:25
Blow Back – Silent Hill Origins 02:58:49
I Want Love – Silent Hill 3 03:02:04
Promise (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2 03:04:50
Great Demon World Village – Shadows of the Damned 03:06:35
Ops 2 – System Shock 2 03:09:27
I Have Mouth but I Can’t Scream – The Cat Lady 03:13:30
Credits Song – The Coma 03:15:38
Laura Plays the Piano – Silent Hill 2 03:17:15
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me – Silent Hill 3 03:19:10
Lost Carol – Silent Hill 3 03:21:30
The Omen – Bloodborne 03:24:10
The Suspended Doll – Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles 03:26:17
Cohen’s Masterpiece – Bioshock 03:29:36
Main Theme – A Plague Tale 03:32:31
Father – A Plague Tale 03:34:45
The Last of Us – The Last of Us 03:37:21
The Gauntlet – The Walking Dead 03:40:25
Clementine Suite – The Walking Dead 03:41:43
Making Your Way Home – The Evil Within 2 03:46:26
Tom the Driver – Alan Wake 03:52:06
Main Theme (Credits) – Illbleed 03:55:11
Save Room – Resident Evil CVX 03:58:51
Precious Hewie – Haunting Ground 03:59:47
Endless Zero – Haunting Ground 04:01:16
Piano Roll – Resident Evil CVX 04:05:56
Main Them (Piano) – Parasite Eve 04:06:52
Phrase of Aya – Parasite Eve 04:08:52
Theme of Aya (Reprise) – Parasite Eve 04:10:07
Innocent Moon – Silent Hill 3 04:11:21
Cold Blood – Silent Hill Homecoming 04:12:59
RPD Save Room – Resident Evil 3 (2020) 04:16:03
Not Tomorrow – Silent Hill 04:19:40
Alone – Soma 04:22:40
The New Century – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs 04:24:57
Edwin and Enoch – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs 04:26:49
Mandus – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs 04:27:39
The First Hunter – Bloodborne 04:29:15
Hoshingoeika – Siren Blood Curse 04:34:27
The Last Mariachi – Silent Hill 4 04:36:06
Battle Arrangement – Spec Ops: The Line 04:37:41
Take Control – Control 04:43:29
Love for My Insane Lover – Lollipop Chainsaw 04:51:25
You’re Not Here – Silent Hill 3 04:54:38
All You Could Ever Be – Vampire: TMB 04:58:24

I included music from games that some may not consider horror, such as Spec Ops and Killer7, but I think the tone of those games is dark/unsettling enough to fit in.


  1. I had to mute the song "Mission Impossible" from Vampire: TMB (02:49:01), sorry about that 😔

  2. This is awesome dude.
    Alone in the Town is from Silent Hill 2, though, not from Silent Hill 3 as listed in the description.
    Thank you for making this!

  3. Its funny that people who work for months and years designing software to straight up scare you as much as possible, always take some time apart to make beatiful songs and orchestral arrangements.

  4. Oh, this is a fantastic compilation! I love how it ends with more metal songs, those sometimes feel very easily overlooked in horror games. Thank you so much it was lovely to listen to, I think I'll start it over and listen again <3

  5. 1:35:00 Something about this song really reminds me of Golden Sun, but I'm not sure what…

  6. My cat started freaking out when I was playing this sound

  7. Am i the only one who is istening to this while writing? i have a Wattpad story and im writing it while listening to it since i REALLY need inspiration

  8. Never played a horror game before and I don’t know a sh!t about any of them, but damn,
    Silent hill has so good soundtracks

  9. I use this playlist when modeling really fucked up stuff. A good balance of terror and tranquility

  10. 2:45:41 Huge Massive Attack- Angel rip off, and Hotel California at 4:58:25. That Rick Schaffer was very inspired for Vampire TMB 😅

  11. This is one of the best horror playlists on the web!

  12. Nothing beats Rule of Rose and Silent Hill games soundtracks

  13. The Radio bookends were VERY clever. Just the one for the opening would've been one thing, but following through with an end bumper as well really made it special.

  14. so many underrated games in this playlist

  15. This is an awesome playlist, thanks for uploading.

  16. Horror has this ability to make any other emotion more intense.

  17. "the bird's nest" it's a self-plagiarism of Akira Yamaoka, it's literally a reinterpretation of "witchcraft" from silent hill homeconing

  18. I've been listening to this playlist almost daily for a few months. I have it memorised at this point-

  19. Which lab would you work at?
    SCP Foundation (Any site, but for extra credit Site-19 during the breach)
    Aperture Labs
    Black Mesa

  20. Using this playlist to help me focus on writing my horror novel. I love the verity in games. Thanks for letting us enjoy these songs too

  21. sooooooooo good thank you for this. my background noise for homework and reading

  22. Amazing collection. Brilliant thought and insight went into this

  23. My heart nearly imploded when I heard music from VTMB. I'm so used to hearing SH, RE, Parasite Eve, and the other classics I feel like often times this one gets left. Talk about a nostalgia trip. I definitely didn't get anything while that was playing, ̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ ̶t̶e̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶y̶s̶e̶l̶f̶

  24. As soon as I heard the guitar strumming at 3:41:44 I was instantly reminded of Lee and how the Walking Dead was one of those games to truly take you on an emotional rollercoaster. The music in that series is just amazing. Chef's kiss

  25. This playlist made me realize TLOU is lowkey my favorite video game. That first note hit me like nothing else.

  26. You ruined it for some of the last few. The songs went from chill and relaxing to metal n stuff

  27. I listen to this while making my game! love it.

  28. Akira Yamaoka is the GOAT of video game music

  29. Um dos vídeos mais relaxantes que já vi

  30. I just have to say that I've been working on a story since June last year. Today I finally finished the first draft and I've lost count of how many times I've replayed this collection during all the writing sessions, and it really helped get me into the mood. Thank you for this downright lovely mix!

  31. The radio that makes you hear really good horror music for 5+ hours

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