Best gaming music for TRYHARD No. 2 -

Best gaming music for TRYHARD No. 2

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Welcome! , i hope you enjoy this “Best gaming music for TRYHARD No. 2” video that we created for you!

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We often upload gaming mixes on Trabity Music.
For example: Fortnite, Roblox & Many more games!
They can be used while you are playing games. A lot of people find it very nice to have music on.

Track List:
1 | Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm)

2 | Spektrum & Sara Skinner – Keep You

3 | Simbai & Eyemèr – Thunder

4 | Teyeq – Pull Me Down

5 | Summer Was Fun & Laura Brehm – Prism

6 | Kaivon – First Love (feat. Pauline Herr)

7 | Ascence – Rules

8 | Raiko – Lightning Child (feat. Remi Willow)

9 | Spirix – Rampage Diet

10 | RudeLies – Down

11 | 3rd Prototype – Blue

12 | Coopex – Over The Sun

13 | Midranger – Unrequited (feat. Holly Drummond)

14 | Droptek – New Style

15 | Johnning – Don’t Want U Back (feat. ÉWN & whogaux)

16 | Halvorsen – CTRL Z

17 | More Plastic – Summoning

18 | ROY KNOX – Blue Eyed Demon

19 | Alex Holmes & Dark Point – You Are

20 | The Arcturians & hayve – Bit By Bit

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  1. The beat dropped so hard that:

    ●One Direction went the other direction.

    ●Taylor Swift fell off her treadmill.

    ●Alan Walker stopped walking.

    ●The Chainsmokers stopped smoking.

    ●Twenty Øne Piløts lost a pilot.

    ●Bad Bunny became Good.

    ●Daddy Yankee renamed himself as Mummy Yankee.

    ●DJ Snake transformed into Lizard.

    ●MachineGunKelly lost his MachineGun.

    ●Maroon 5 painted his house Black.

    ●Marshmello stopped eating Marshmallows.

    ●Queen lost its Kingdom.

    ●Sabrina Carpenter became Tailor.


    ●Twice became only Once.

    ● England became a city

  2. Thank You. Now I Can Kill Many Players As I Can.

  3. its just amazing
    fells better to hear here than at ncs

  4. I just got the win when the beat dropped!

  5. I was playing fortnite and I killed a kid and I got a victory royale just as the beat dropped lol

  6. this beat hits harder than my dads belt when he is in a bad mood

  7. Roses are red, violets are blue, I play with fire, you do too >;)

  8. Roses are red violets are blue when the bass dropped my grades did too

  9. A perfect playlist for swiping the card in among us

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