Best gaming songs playlist (Fortnite, Free Fire & more) -

Best gaming songs playlist (Fortnite, Free Fire & more)

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Brand new gaming mix full of chill & hype rap for you to use as a fortnite song, free fire song and more. Full of artists like killbunk, DIRTYXAN, rarin, killval etc – full times and tracklist below!

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Times & tracklist:
00:00 – killbunk – Chanel Bag
02:39 – Rauesi – Wesson (ft. Yung Fazo)
05:28 – Bri-C – Blacked Out Whip (ft. MEMORIA XI)
08:56 – killval – So Long
11:45 – rarin – GTA
13:51 – Thekidszn – Leave Me Alone
15:39 – Tavenchi – Spotlight
18:18 – AyyLeek – Paid The Price ft. 22vizz
21:35 – DIRTYXAN – Hit The Floor
23:32 – PRAYER – Often
25:40 – The Wavy Kid – Bad
27:38 – Pink Chanel Dior – Maradona
29:51 – PmBata – Down For Real
32:22 – rarin – Yessir
34:12 – LXST – exhausted
36:38 – PmBata – Losing Blood
39:22 – D-Rah – Nobody
42:40 – Young Boy Miracle Doley
45:31 – Von. – Oohmygod

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Promoting Sounds is a curation channel with aims to display the best sad boy vibes, fire rap, sad rap, sad songs, underrated rap songs, chill rap, feels, and best hip hop. Including artists like: XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, 7RU7H, Blackbear, SoLonely, Vaboh, SadBoyProlific, iann dior, poorstacy, Post Malone, killval, 6o, unodavid, lil playah, lil tecca, nick mira, K.A.A.N., Arizona Zervas, Kam Michael, Logic, NF, Eminem and more. Be sure to comment below what you think of the chill and sad feels music.


  1. Litterly been listening to this for 2months too good

  2. Make more videos they’re fire like the ones with the drops and I’m subscribed

  3. dam playing Fortnite while playing this and its fire just clipping kids and then the beat drops like sheeesh

  4. 10 kills in 15 mintues first song on cold of duty got me in god mode

  5. tysm! i rlly needed a playlist to play fortnite <3

  6. Finally! Someone who dosent disrespect me as a fortnite gamer!
    love you❤️

  7. 2021?! This is perfect for Fortnite, Apex Legends, COD, PUBG, etc. 🥶🔥🎧

  8. This actually helped me win 5 times in a row

  9. I started posting lofi music 🎵 check me out!

  10. Gettin 20 bombs all day to this with Pathfinder. Shit's fire

  11. I think Rarin's best song is Decals. Mmmm it's an og. But the new Ashes song is pretyy fire too lol

  12. ✦ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴘᴀʟᴀᴄᴇ✦ ッ says:


  13. Big achievement for Rarin to be on the list twice 😎😎

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