Best music games for PC -

Best music games for PC

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From randomly generated roguelikes to real life guitars, here are the best music games you can play on PC right now.

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  1. I searched free rhythm games for pc and these cost money youtube what is your logic? (Btw I do have osu)

  2. Which games let you pick your own music —> thats brilliant!!

  3. The people who made this have never played a rhythm game

  4. Just shapes and beats is my favorite game :3

  5. Audiosurf 2 is my fav. My requirements:
    1. The general music theme of the game is NOT anime. God, I hate anime.
    2. The ability to play my own music you can upload any song and play immediately in Audiosurf.
    3. Competitive.

  6. mostly poor arcade games where music is just addition…

  7. Am i only one that didn't come for osu?

  8. i swear these osu fanatics are going crazy
    We already know about osu stop acting like nobody knows the fookin game

  9. It says "Best music games for PC" but it did not include Osu! or O2Mania.

  10. logitech: hey lets make an OSU! like challenge

    also logitech: this game is bad its not even worthy to be in the top 10

  11. Let me fix this list

    1. Stepmania/NITG
    2. BeatManiaIIDX
    3. Sound Voltex
    4. Osu! (All gamemodes)
    5. DDR
    6. Pump It Up

  12. you showing us ritm games, so why you are not showing with game own music.

  13. "goosebump central" — I'm glad a CBBC education isn't lost on modern youtube presenters.

  14. my top 3
    #3 Audiosurf
    #2 clone hero
    #1 Where the hell is osu!!

  15. I wish every list would show the full extent of geometry dash instead of just the main levels i mean the difficulty of Tartarus or Renevant, Kenos And the masterpieces that so many creators have made like Astral Divinity, Master Game, Super Probably Level, Like every JonathanGD level,

  16. Excuse me where is osu! ????

    Edit: I actually came for gd.

  17. i am here for a game that allows me to click to be on the beat of megalovania (w h i c h i s g i r l f r e e)

  18. OSU???? MOST Popular music games ever? 22KK players all day
    Where u life !????

  19. well i learned thru the fire and flames this way SO YES IT DOES COUNT KAREN!!!!

  20. let's see here
    no osu
    no muse dash
    no A dance of Fire and Ice
    no Groove Coaster
    no kshootmania
    no tjaplayer3
    there's geometry dash

  21. I know there is already a lot of comments about this, but, WHERE IS OSU! ?

  22. I feel like some of theese are just music based games and arent rhymthm games… Love your mouse tho

  23. God damn excuse me but BEAT SABER ISNT A PC GAME!!!!!
    You need a f*ing VR headset to play ti wich costs so damn much!
    You said PC games, not "best music games that need you extra insufficient gear to play + a PC to run it"
    Plus the ones that you need a virtual guitar for, arent PC only either. Also where is osu?!

  24. I see in the title "PC" in the video "Beast Saber" me wtf? Beat Saber is VR not PC…

  25. 1% are talking about osu
    0.5% are talking bout forza
    %0.2 random games
    99.999999999999999%% are theses comments

  26. "No Osu!?" Wow, its like they could change the video. If there aren't any, then don't bother

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