Best music games for PC -

Best music games for PC

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From randomly generated roguelikes to real life guitars, here are the best music games you can play on PC right now.

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  1. "No Osu!?" Wow, its like they could change the video. If there aren't any, then don't bother

  2. 1% are talking about osu
    0.5% are talking bout forza
    %0.2 random games
    99.999999999999999%% are theses comments

  3. I see in the title "PC" in the video "Beast Saber" me wtf? Beat Saber is VR not PC…

  4. God damn excuse me but BEAT SABER ISNT A PC GAME!!!!!
    You need a f*ing VR headset to play ti wich costs so damn much!
    You said PC games, not "best music games that need you extra insufficient gear to play + a PC to run it"
    Plus the ones that you need a virtual guitar for, arent PC only either. Also where is osu?!

  5. I feel like some of theese are just music based games and arent rhymthm games… Love your mouse tho

  6. I know there is already a lot of comments about this, but, WHERE IS OSU! ?

  7. let's see here
    no osu
    no muse dash
    no A dance of Fire and Ice
    no Groove Coaster
    no kshootmania
    no tjaplayer3
    there's geometry dash

  8. well i learned thru the fire and flames this way SO YES IT DOES COUNT KAREN!!!!

  9. OSU???? MOST Popular music games ever? 22KK players all day
    Where u life !????

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