Best music games for PC -

Best music games for PC

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From randomly generated roguelikes to real life guitars, here are the best music games you can play on PC right now.

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  1. yeaaah uhhm my own top 3 cause most of em are trash or at the wrong place
    #1 Beat Saber
    #2 Osu!
    #3 Just Shapes And Beats

  2. This guys don't know about Osu!, StepMania, CloneHero, LR2, etc, etc. Or maybe they wanted to make a list about non-conventional rhythm games, idk.

  3. Woahhh.. Geometry Dash
    (2 days later)
    Im Done

  4. 99.999999% of comments: Where is osu?
    0.0000001% of comments: comment that you're reading right now

  5. I just came to see if GD was here, but WHERES OSU!

  6. Where is Osu!

    Why does literally no rhythm game list ever show osu!

  7. You missed Soundodger + in the list… 😒

  8. cotnd, thumper, gd, beat saber, and Jsab mah top 5 of the list

  9. I mean for geometry dash could you not get a better video and not dry out some level like epsilon?? Just sayin…

  10. Osu is way better for reaction time than all of these…

  11. why are there are no osu. sorry for my bad english im an indonesian

  12. Not includes Osu.
    But it includes some of my favorite games – Audiosurf, JS&B, Rez Infinite, Geometry Dash, Bit Trip, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Beat Saber, so I'm happy

  13. I don't care if you disagree but

  14. Ignor`s osu! lol pls you call those "best music games"

  15. There are so many comments about Osu! because it is basically one of the best rhythm game for PC. Of course, that is something heavily based on personal preference and opinion, but if you just consider how big the community of Osu! is and it's still growing every day even though the game is out for such a long time (almost 12 years now) it is one of the biggest non-commercial rhythm games for the PC. Also, it really feels super reliable and smooth gameplay-wise even though it is free2play and the team has minimal resources (small group of people and low budget). The video is about the best music games for PC and Osu! does deserve a spot in a video like that, no matter how weeby some people think it is.
    In short, weeb game or not Osu is a very well done game that doesn't feel like a free2play game at all. It's very well programmed and a quality game all the way through, that runs incredibly well on even very weak machines.

  16. 99.9 % comments are about osu! .osu players are disappointed

  17. Epileptic games – 😀
    A nice game if diferent music's to play clicking in circles – Nah next time

  18. 0:02 her the bast music games you can pleay on pc raght neaw.😀😀

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