Best Rhythm Games On PC [↖↘↗↙] -

Best Rhythm Games On PC [↖↘↗↙]

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Get your toes tapping with the best music and rhythm games to play on PC in 2021!

While the dust may have settled on our favourite plastic instruments of the past, that doesn’t mean we’re done with music and rhythm games. There are tons of new ones to pick up and get tapping that spacebar to. Thankfully these can all be played on our mouse and keyboard, so we can enjoy the beats with some RGB. So whether you like a serious challenge or creating some sounds there’s something for you.

So here is our list of the best music and rhythm games to play on PC in 2021:

Intro 00:00
1 Fuser 00:57
2 Osu! 01:50
3 Beat Saber 02:40
4 Rhythm Doctor 03:28
5 Just Shapes and Beats 04:16
6 A Dance of Fire and Ice 05:02
7 Pistol Whip 05:51
Outro 06:41

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  1. i cant play any Rhyhm games 😥

  2. I'm a big fan of beat Saber, dance central in vr dance 🕺.

  3. sadly most better rhythm games are for arcade, but seeing it pc exclusive it holds up nicely, tho fuser doesnt really hold up as top, it's not really that much of a rhytm game, otherwise nice list, also muse dash is missing

  4. Meh. One Finger Death Punch and Muse Dash aren't on the list.

  5. This video is false
    Where is geometry dash
    No game completable without geometry dash
    Check out steam one of the best reviewed game geometry dash
    Logitech needs more knowledge

  6. Do a part 2 with the games in the comment section included

  7. Nice i was actually trying to find a rhythm game on pc on steam but i dont know how to pick a good game lol

  8. loghitech i might get a razar mouse i out a macro on my mouse used on board memory and it didnt work on console help asap

  9. Muse dash, Deemo:reborn, Crypt of the necrodancer, Geometry dash……Absolute must for rhythm gaming.Musynx is not that great but ok.

  10. PC unfortunately doesn't have many rhythm games (even though you can technically emulate arcades and consoles, but aside from that)
    MUSYNX, Groove Coaster, PPD/Project Heartbeat, Deemo* and DJMAX* could be some interesting entries to check out (*haven't personally tried them, but I know what they look like)
    There are a lot of rhythm games on consoles and arcade, a few pretty good ones on mobile as well, hopefully we get more quality titles on PC soon

  11. Mentioning osu and not including the 727pp or the 1k+pp plays is something I didn't know would insult me.

  12. i love how they're suffering in osu! just to not use someone else's gameplay

  13. Why most of the rhythm games have anime themes in them?

  14. G Hub is the worst piece of software i've ever used

  15. I don't like when people are talking about something they don't care about and have no idea how it works.
    And when someone is acting like they know what they are talking about.

  16. Just Shapes and beats isnt a rhythm game, you don't have to input anything in rhythm, it's more like a dodge or bullet hell type game.

  17. Only hearing an annoying, hard to understand narrator voice instead of the beats and rythms in the games.

  18. I used to respect this channel, 'till they spelt osu! with a capital O.

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