BMFConnect Game: Rhythm Song Clap Back Level 1 -

BMFConnect Game: Rhythm Song Clap Back Level 1

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We love sharing fun and free music games for kids! Our help kids strengthen skills in melody, rhythm, harmony and songwriting. Plus–they’re super fun and engaging! Find even more free music games for kids on

Rhythm Song Clap Back is a CLASSIC music game that we’ve played for years with our music students. It’s a wonderful game for students of all ages and can be played with or without an instrument. The possibilities are endless!
Here’s level 1 to get started. (You can play all levels for free on BMFTV!)

Suggested Age: 5-Adult
Game Time: 5-15min
Materials needed: Your ears and your hands! That’s it!
Prerequisites: None – this is for total beginners.
How to Play: Listen to the rhythms and clap them back when it’s “Your Turn!”

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From all of us at Brooklyn Music Factory – let’s play! 🙂

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