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Calm and Relaxing Music From Indie Games

Mitari Mango
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Indie games a lot of the time have passion poured into the games and it’s the same story for the soundtracks! So here are 2 hours of relaxing and calm music from indie games! Enjoy and relax well ^^ and thank you for 500 subscribers it truly means a lot

0:00 – The White Lady (Hollow Knight)
1:20 – Madeline and Theo (Celeste)
4:28 – Sun and Moons (Subnatica)
6:54 – Don’t Forget What I Taught You (Into the Breech)
8:38 – Sun Down (FAR : Lone Sails)
12:18 – Waterfall (Undertale)
15:45 – The Smell of Mushroom (Stardew Valley)
19:21 – Overture (Underhero)
22:11 – Clock Towers Beneath the Sea (A Hat in Time)
26:04 – Evernight Peak (Rabi-Ribi)
28:55 – Mother and Child (Monument Valley 2)
31:25 – The Lava Dwellers (Stardew Vally)
34:27 – Mother, I’m here (Bastion)
36:44 – Aurora (Dust : An Elysian Tale)
39:07 – Star Jump (Celeste)
40:20 – Downside Ballet (Pyre)
44:32 – Colored Engine (FAR : Lone Sails)
47:35 – Up the Spirit Caverns Walls (Ori and the Blind Forest)
53:10 – Church Hill (Night in the Woods)
56:33 – Kingdom’s Edge (Hollow Knight)
58:55 – Promenade (Rime)
01:03:12 – To Forget (Hue)
01:05:25 – Lanova’s Treasures (Wizard of Legend)
01:08:55 – Blackmoor Mountains (Dust : an Elysian Tale)
01:15:35 – Sunchamber (InnerSpace)
01:18:40 – Jätten Del 2 (Fe)
01:22:53 – Climbing the Ginso Tree (Ori and the Blind Forest)
01:28:33 – Build that Wall (Bastion)
01:31:19 – Moonwisher (To the Moon)
01:33:28 – In Circles Instrumental (Transistor)
01:36:50 – Flow (Fez)
01:40:37 – Resting Grounds (Hollowknight)
01:42:50 – Golden (Celeste)
01:49:15 – The Wind Can be Still (Stardew Valley)
01:52:10 – Atonement (Journey)
01:58:23 – The Spirit Tree (Ori and the Blind Forest)
02:02:12 – To the Stars (Pyre)
02:06:11 – Setting Sail (Bastion)


  1. i see hollow knight, i see music, i see indie games. i click

  2. Opening songs from horror games can be really cool, but I don't know many horror games, but the ones I can indicate: Outlast, Dark Deception, Resident Evil 7 (wait, Resident Evil isn't even a horror game franchise yet?) Amnesia , and the rest I don't really know I'm sorry! And one more suggestion could you make one Dont Starve Songs Collection!
    And i don't speak english, my apologies if you find some wrong in my grammar!

  3. Fav indie games I have
    (I don't have alot)
    1.hollow knight
    3.ori and the will of the wisps
    4.slime rancher
    4.5 A hat in time

  4. Hi! I'm streamer here in YouTube and Twitch at: . I'm doing a run on Classic WoW Hardcore, where death = delete. I love this, can I play this on my channel while I stream? I always forward the chat to the playlist 🙂

  5. All of my favorite games… in one mixtape… I'm in heaven <3

  6. There is a reason indie games hold a special place in my heart…
    (Hearing Madeleine and Theo makes me want to cry from happy calm)

  7. I see a lot of people are recommending their favorite indie games, so here are the ones I enjoyed the most 🙂 (I'll be updating this list as I play more games!)

    1. OneShot
    2. Night in the Woods
    3. Witch's Heart
    4. Ib
    5. Ori and the Blind Forest
    5. Undertale
    6. Hypnospace Outlaw

  8. I guess I never listened to the Hollow Knight music because I was always dashing!

  9. Indie Game recommendations:
    Hollow Knight
    Stardew Valley
    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    The Return of Obra Dinn
    A Hat in Time

  10. Can you add The Golden Hour from the game Life is Strange 1?

  11. Hey,I myself am a gamedev and finding some good relaxing sound effects and music for my games, any recommendation for free music?

  12. I'm a simple person. I see Hollow Knight, I click.
    Also people seem to be putting their favorite indie games so I guess I'll do the same.
    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Undertale
    3. Stardew Valley
    Edit: 3 weeks later, I'm starting to love Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack so…
    4. Ori and the Blind Forest
    Edit 2: um… now I also really like Celeste OST


  14. Here are the good indie games I’ve played if anyone wants recommendations

    1.) Minecraft
    2.) Stardewvalley
    3.) Undertale
    4.) Subnautica
    5.) Celeste
    6.) Ori and the blind forest and Ori and the will of the wisps
    7.) A Short Hike (it’s adorable 🥰)
    8.) Slime Rancher (also cute)
    9.) Untitled Goose Game (more cuteness)
    10.) Planet zoo/Planet Coaster (think they are indie????)
    11.) SuchArt (you paint and you can play the demo for free now and it’s entertaining)
    12.) Tadpole Tales is a cute kind of free “mini?” Game on steam
    13.) Townscaper is cute if you like just clicking and building stuff (it’s very very simple I got it to plan towns I could replicate in Minecraft)

    Honorable mentions Hollow knight and terraria cause I have them but haven’t got to play them much.

  15. I like to say that, while AAA games are looking to become the biggest and most comprehensive games so they are the most played and thus able to sell more, indie games tend to focus more on what makes a game good and on being fun to play as well as creating a memorable experience, they feel like games done with the heart rather than with the wallet in mind. Great mix

  16. to the moon DDDD'''': dude this playlist is staaacked dude <3

  17. "Calm and relaxing music"… Hits me with Evernight Peak from Rabi-ribi…. dancing like crazy in this study hall

  18. Setting sail my fav, bastion was such an amazing experience music and narration top class

  19. You can always tell it’s a good game based off of its music 👌🏼

  20. My favorite game
    2.Hollow knıght
    3.SCP Containmend Breach Mobile
    4. Lefends of the bang bang
    5.The legend of Zelda♡

  21. Was half expecting the video to just be the Hollow Knight soundtrack on repeat

  22. Supergiant has the best music, thank you for the playlist

  23. I have already bet Undertale several times some years ago. But its music still didn't get old to me

  24. I'm offended that omori isn't on here D:<
    Nah great job mango
    (still tho)

  25. anyone know what game the thumbnail is from ?

  26. Comentario en español 🧐🍷

  27. is life is strange an indie game ? if yes why isnt it here 🙁

  28. What a tasteful selection… And all the games in here are top notch as well 🙂

  29. im just happy flow from FEZ and NiTW was in here

  30. Trúc Đào 500k vào ( says:

    10:40 Cậu có biết cậu khác những vì sao ở điểm nào không? Sao ở trên trời, cậu ở trong tim tớ.

  31. Great video, also I would like to put 'Alto's Adventures' soundtrack as honourable mention!

  32. Guys, if you love beautiful indie games, check out Sky: Children of the Light!! It has some beautiful music and the scenery is to die for.

  33. i spent more than an hour searching through playlists of classical music but couldn't find anything that would fit a video that i took of two of my friends dancing, but i finally find something of my liking here

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