calm nintendo video game music for studying, sleep, work while it's raining -

calm nintendo video game music for studying, sleep, work while it’s raining

stardew valley
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I’m a game experiencer.
Welcome to another “stardew valley” with no commentary! I decided to record myself on “stardew valley”, and see how things turned out! I hope you guys find this relaxing and enjoyable. I will be making a lot more of these to help everyone sleep, relax, and study!
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Video in Game :
Stardew Valley

0:00 Ravaged Rustworks – Hey! Pikmin
3:36 Virbank City – Pokemon Black & White 2
5:28 Gormotti Forest – Xenoblade Chronicles 2
8:56 Hang Glider – Pilotwings Resort.mp3
11:19 Dire Dire Docks – Super Mario 64
14:31 1 AM Music – Animal Crossing City Folk
17:28 The Forest of Hope – Pikmin Music
23:19 Gate of Time – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
26:06 Craft Island – Yoshi’s Woolly World
29:18 Frosty Wheel – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
31:33 The Roost – Animal Crossing The Movie
34:20 Brilliant Garden – Hey! Pikmin
38:48 Trophy Gallery – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
41:30 Gym (Marlon) – Pokemon Black & White 2
43:23 Ability Room – Kirby Star Allies
46:26 Aspertia City – Pokemon Black White 2
49:20 Dream Palace – Kirby Star Allies Music
52:11 Tantal – Night – Xenoblade Chronicles 2
57:36 Sparkling Labyrinth – Hey! Pikmin
1:00:27 8 PM Snow – Animal Crossing Wild World
1:03:19 Korok Forest Night – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
1:06:55 Jubilife City (Day) – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
1:08:50 Calm Conversation – Pokémon Duel
1:11:00 Floaroma Town (Night) – Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
1:13:39 Route 19 – Pokemon Black & White 2
1:15:08 Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape! – Yoshi’s Woolly World
1:18:25 Golf – Training OST – Wii Sports
1:19:41 Pilotwings Resort – Plane
1:22:24 Flower Fields – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
1:24:43 Calm and Hope – Zelda Twilight Princess
1:27:31 Super Mario Galaxy music – Space Junk Galaxy
1:30:56 Donkey Kong Country- Tropical Freeze – Deep Keep

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  1. This is amazing for DnD session prep!

  2. You Think You Can Use My Song In Your Next Montage 🔥 Liked and subbed w/notis🖤

  3. I don't even play on nintendo but I love the music

  4. Hi. Is the same track list available without the rain?

  5. The truth is, it is the best music and it satisfies, this is worth billions

  6. Ones I liked:
    – Craft Island – Yoshi's Woolly World
    – Frosty Wheel – Kirby's epic yarn
    – The Roost – Animal Crossing The Movie
    – Brilliant Garden – Hey! Pikmin

  7. Thanks for interrupting with the ads 👎

  8. A stardew valley background but there's no stardew valley music I was hoping for stardew valley music but I still like the playlist without it
    Thanks for the playlist this actually helped me sleep

  9. it feels so disrespectful to study history of WW1 to this 😭😭

  10. Me encanta este mix, muchas gracias. Que tipo de genero musical seria? Quiero escuchar mas música similar a esta

  11. I’m glad people making the music on videos are getting recognize and hope they continue to do so and making amazing music

  12. Reading the Bible to this ! 🙏🏼

  13. nintendo as a company are scummy, but their dev teams and music composers hit it out of the park basically every single time

  14. Is it possible to fix the music timestamps? Donkey Kong Country- Tropical Freeze – Deep Keep steals all the limelight lol

  15. the videos audio is starting later than it should

  16. "So, what do you do?"
    "I'm a game experiencer"

  17. so relaxing and calming, and the way the songs flow into each other is great. I've listened to it dozens of times, so when I heard Virbank City, when I should have been hearing Ravaged Rustwork I knew something was wrong. Ravaged Rustwork is missing from the beginning, that was honestly one of my favorites and this is really disappointing. The Timestamps are all wrong now as well.

  18. Music for 22:21 ? I think it´s not the correct one in the description.

  19. some of the timestamps are off near the end, during yarn yoshi takes shape it says floarama town (night)

  20. Nooo ravaged rustworks doesn’t play anymore!!! ;;

  21. brilliant garden ???? is that not the smash theme in there or am i going crazy 36:35

  22. hang glider – pilotwings resort isnt correct name, someone knows what music is it

  23. I feel like at minute 1:46 is a different song playing, i heard it but I don’t remember where it came from

  24. does anyone know the name of the song at 1:35:36? the video wont tell me 😛 (nvm im stupid lmao the playlist repeats at this point)

  25. Is there a Spotify playlist for this?

  26. Are these all lofi covers? If so, could you upload each song? I cant find some of these versions

  27. I think the timestamps for the chapters are a little off so that each song title is actually the preceding song.

  28. At 37:45, it changes from Brilliant Garden – Hey! Pikman, and switches to a song that I believe is from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, unless I'm mistaken. I cannot recall where exactly in the game it occurs, though, and I really love that song and would like to know what it's called. If anyone knows, please tell me! Thanks!

  29. um, some of your time signatures are behind, at least on the video

  30. i think each timestamp is incorrectly offset by one track? fantastic mix btw

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