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Can Rock Band 4 Save Music Games?

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Rock Band 4- can it save music games? The newly announced PS4 and Xbox One title is coming in 2015. Can it bring the plastic guitars back into every family’s living room?



  1. Rock band 4 was ok but it was not very good and it did not come back.

  2. They are adding feast and the famine by foo fighters

  3. I once played Rock Band at my friend's house. I hit the cymbal with one of the sticks and it snapped right in half. I have not touched the game, nor the drum kit, since then.

  4. No friends? Ill play "Say it Aint So" with you over and over again

  5. The problem with all these music games is that they overloaded the market all at once. Between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, they put out waaaayyyy too many songs and expansions within like 4 years. I think everyone got bored with it. Plus, I hated paying for the expansions just to get a few new songs.

  6. I was involved with the GH/RB scene from 2006-2010. I posted on forums and followed players as they'd try to FC (full combo) the hardest songs. it was really fun and exciting. I don't know if we'll ever see the high point of the home console rhythm gaming scene like we did in 2009, but I would most certainly welcome it with open arms.

    also, DJH was fantastic; I don't know if you're hating on it, but if you are, it doesn't deserve it

  7. Oh god, DJ Hero. I bought that on sale, but it's still the biggest gaming related mistake that I've done.

  8. I kind of have mixed feelings on the whole music game thing in general. I do see the appeal, but they're just not really for me.

  9. I always enjoyed Guitar Hero better. Or the guitar part at least. Rockband was fun to play with others because you actually emulated a full band and could support more people though (never got to play Guitar Hero's full band games, but if they were as good as the Guitar, the come back could thrust Guitar Hero above Rockband).

  10. As long as they support old DLC and instruments, I'm in. Harmonix doesn't need to do much to get me to buy a new Rock Band. I've loved the series, bought tons of DLC, and it's been so much fun with friends.

    If I had to choose, I'd hope they expand on the career mode (solo mode, preferably) and add in score duels. I thought Rock Band 2 handled those pretty well.

    It'll be interesting to see if they are able to pull off the hardware compatibility working with MS and Sony, and if they're also able to bring in the casual audience again. Harmonix is an amazing group of people and I'd love to see them succeed in this.

  11. Dust off those old plastic guitars? I still play Rock Band nearly every day!

  12. lol
    Did Jake get into a fist fight while on Jakecation?

  13. HEY! I LOVED DJ HERO!!! That's why I'm a dj today!

  14. I still end up going back to Rock Band or really any Guitar Hero game as well every once and a while, but I don't think it will make a big comeback.

  15. I would love to see the return of rock band/guitar hero parties so I can show off the skills I've managed to build while everyone else gave up on them…

  16. They need to make the game more competitive and difficult.  Such as adding a 6th button would revolutionize chart patterns, difficulty and they need to do more online vs with leveling up COD or HALO style so people have a bragging rights and a reason to play past just doing the campaign.  Lastly, no endless setlist.  It's dumb, dangerous for people to attempt and a waste of time.  It also ruins the game.

    No more track packs coming out… no more new instruments… the problem with all these instruments is that they try to appeal to every instrument when choosing a song thus resulting in every song being mediocre for each instrument rather than being amazing for one.

    They should have just stuck with guitars and made the game harder in my opinion.  The competitive aspect truly drove the game.  They ended up making the game easier and easier as time when on.

    FYI I was Earth Wind & Centaur, #1 Rock Band on Xbox Live, so I have a deep passion for this game being great.

  17. JAKE, DJ hero really wasn't bad at all. DJ Hero 1 had Daft Punk to hold its wait and some other good songs (Daft Punk was definitely the best part of it). But DJ Hero 2 was soooo much better than the first and is still really fun to play. DJ hero doesn't deserve that much hate. Also, Why do you hate it? Are you going with what everybody else is saying. Did you play any of the two DJ Hero games? Just wondering why everybody seems to hate this game. Anyway, Jake you are awesome and keep doing every thing you keep doing … and please answer my question for BCPC 🙂 thanks BYE 

  18. ᛗᛖᚨᛏ•ᚹᛖᚷᛖᛏᚨᛒᛚᛖ says:

    I am greatly excited and it will make me acutally buy a console when the game comes out since I recently had to throw out all the rockband stuff since it all broke on me.

  19. Rock band is great I love it and I'll buy it but rocks dead: (

  20. Yep. Guitar Hero created the popularity of music rhythm games in 2005 and Guitar Hero destroyed it in 2009 by being milked to death. 

  21. Why not release Rock Band 4 on the Wii U. If it's released on the Wii U, which will not, then I'll buy it. And with Rock Band 4, along with the other games, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, LEGO City Undercover, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, then I will be consitering on trading in my old Nintendo Wii for a Wii U.  

  22. I really miss these games but I wish Harmonix would go back to their roots with a new Frequency and Amplitude or at least a re-release on the Vita and 3DS, that would be amazing.

  23. I want it to play like Rocksmith on real guitar and base but keep the plastic guitars too I like to play both. They almost had it with pro guitar on RB3 but not quite so I want a Rocksmith Rock Band mix up sort of thing.

  24. Rocksmith is a badass game!  I want a game like Rocksmith with true vocals singing like Rockband.

  25. well  i was bored of the games after rock band 2, and i am still bored of the games now…i would rather have naughty dog work on crash bandicoot again

  26. Dust off? I have not set down my Rock Band 3 instruments yet. Been with the series from the beginning, too much money spent in DLC. They have at least one person not only buying Rock Band 4 but one who is buying an Xbox One just to use my collection from the 360 on it. Not fucking buying one of those Xboners until October tho, not a day before…unless I can start downloading my songs to it before the games out :p

    I only want all of my content I have bought to transfer, I can easily understand the custom songs I have amassed not transferring. Hell they don't even work online or with the latest update of Rock Band 3 but I am a simple one to please, just give me more songs, weekly DLC like before, let the community back in to expand the Rock Band Network and let me play my old songs on a new game. It may sound like a lot but you know, it is only what the last 3 Rock Bands and spinoffs have done.

  27. learning a real instrument is a better investment

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