Can You Guess These Video Games? (Piano Quiz) -

Can You Guess These Video Games? (Piano Quiz)

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Can you guess all 25 video games by just hearing their theme on the piano? This music quiz contains some of the most popular video games. Do you remember their soundtrack? Leave a comment with how many games you guessed right!

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  1. Somebody please tell me what the minecraft one is called

  2. whoever made these subtitles deserves a promotion

  3. My fav game is call of duty mobile and roblox

  4. Here's my answer sheet!

    1.) Super Mario Bros.
    2.) Minecraft
    3.) PAC-MAN
    4.) ???
    5.) Mii Channel
    6.) Tetris
    7.) Mega Man
    8.) The Legend of Zelda
    9.) Skyrim
    10.) ???
    11.) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    12.) Call of Duty: Black Ops
    13.) ???
    14.) Super Mario 64
    15.) Pokémon Red
    16.) ???
    17.) Street Fighter
    18.) ???
    19.) Super Mario 3D. World
    20.) Angry Birds
    21.) ???
    22.) Sonic the Hedgehog
    23.) Mario Kart D.S.
    24.) Crash Bandicoot
    25.) Undertale

  5. did not think i was gonna see my all time favorite game i spen 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hours on in this vid when i heard stardew valley i was like YASSSSSSSSSSS ITS HER THE QUEEN OF GAMES i was so happy with myself

  6. У тебя песню неправильно распределены

  7. Love how this dude knows we only needed to hear the first 2 seconds of megalovania and everyone will know it IMMEDIATELY

  8. If you didn’t get the first one have you even lived

  9. I am mad at myself for not knowing the Skyrim one.😭

  10. I took seven L’s

    I’m not gonna count Final Fantasy because it didn’t play the audio for me

    I also just BARELY got CoD Zombies, for some reason I thought it was Doom for a second

    You also played the part of Skyrim I didn’t immediately recognize, so I failed there too, which sucks because Skyrim is easily my favourite single player game ever

  11. Hollow knight,night in the woods,gta 4,deltarune chapter 1,outer wilds,omori,dark souls,red dead redention(build a little house thogether)dead space,zelda okarina of time,metroid,majoras mask,nier automata,team fortress 2,overwatch,ark ,hotline miami,hotline miami 2,fnaf 2,spooky jumpscare house,dont starve,metal gear, Battlefield,doom,doom eternal,ori and the blind forest,ori and the will of the wisps,crypt of the necrodancer,enter the gungeon,nuclear throne,spelunky,

  12. I know the most part of the musics because of just one game. A game with 1000 gaming universes like sonic, xenoblade chronicles, bayonetta, everyone

  13. Is it just me or I just know some of the songs from super smash


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