City of Gamers - Chill/Gaming/Studying Lofi Hip Hop Mix - (1 hour) -

City of Gamers – Chill/Gaming/Studying Lofi Hip Hop Mix – (1 hour)

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Put this and just chill 😴. Hope you like this playlist fam!

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Tracklist 👾:

0:00- 3:40 – LoFi Type Beat – Rain
3:41 – 5:43 – chief. – 2.59
5:44 – 8:24 – LAKEY INSPIRED – Overjoyed
8:25 – 10:07 – Idealism – Controlla
10:08 – 12:24 – Blue Wednesday & Shopan – Toofpick
12:25 – 14:18 – Idealism – Both of us
14:19 – 17:11 – LAKEY INSPIRED – Warm Nights
17:12 – 21:21 – Ian Ewing & Toonorth – Midnight Service
21:22 – 24:22 – Brillion, Tom Doolie & Monma – Aurora
24:23 – 26:09 – The Deli – Izzo
26:10 – 28:33 – Idealism – Dont Say A Word
28:34 – 32:43 – Lofi Type Beat – I Need A Girl
32:44 – 35:33- Cuts – Moon
35:34 – 39:39 – Czyoen – JUPITER
39:40 – 42:15 – Flovry – Car Radio
42:16 – 45:42 – LAKEY INSPIRED – Better Days
45:43 – 50:04 – LAKEY INSPIRED – Monroe
50:05 – 53:30 – Rude. – Eternal Youth
53:31 – 56:40 – Shiloh Dynasty, Loficentral, Stay Might – Imagine
56:41 – 58:43 – Bur Ban – Sorry I Like You
58:44 – 1:01:09 — Kido – Good Morning

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  1. this one is outstanding just chill vibes with this thanks for making content mate!! & hope you all the best

  2. Do care averyone sorry 😞 I am do listen

  3. ☮️ 🕊 🏳️‍☮️ 🕊 🏳️‍ I am a pig with a big mouth to I now Ben worned don't listen

  4. ☮️ 🕊 🏳️ ☮️ 🕊 🏳️‍

  5. Don't f with me with who what's going on Averyone I'm scared of Averyone naw ok

  6. Do respect averyone okay sorry 😞 okay

  7. I remember how i was watching summer gamefest 2022 with this playlist and at night, good memories

  8. I have a terrorific music in my mind i put this and It dissapears i LOVE you ❤ thanks very much you need a trophy for this❤ yeah and this remember me to meepcity 16:47

  9. Wow. Just wow. This Playlist is better than anything I've heard in a long long time. Thank you.

  10. I now who I am I'm the beast your talking about do respect words being said still hurts though I hurt averyone what's comes around goes around Ben said to also we have our writes to our words of truth about one another like with me it's the same thing to also the way I'm acting that's why my family's and friends want me out of sight do understand okay sorry

  11. ☮️ 🕊 🏳️‍☮️ 🕊 🏳️‍

  12. 😞 sorry 😞 averyone please forgive me

  13. Do respect averyone okay mind my b
    Dam bissness to also just listening to who ever is that all you are to me nope okay

  14. I'm a butt hole it's the other word in the Bible how many saying I am sorry 😞 ok

  15. I liked almost every comment 🙂 nothing better to do

  16. tava curtindo a brisa da musica mas realmente me lembrou que tem aula amanha novamente🥍

  17. this is genuine lofi music that just reminds me of gaming.

  18. this is fire❤‍🔥🔥😆😁😄😃 people who enjoy this i agree its so good fire my boys so fire😛❤‍🔥🔥✌ just sit down grab a blanket and put headphones on that's cozy and warm and chill relax feel good get peacefully good and relax that's all you need and if you wanna game put a soft game where you don't shoot love this

  19. Turning RGX on makes the video look even cooler

  20. its christmas, you got the latest pc build, soundproof room, led's everywhere like a pathway, u got 2 monster drinks waitng, and 2 friends waiting aswell, and this plays extremely hard.

  21. W playlist, reccomending to all my friends :D, perfect for legit anything

  22. I’m playing Lego City Undercover on my Switch, while listening to this. Mega win

  23. is it just me or we hate ads on the vids and more bro i always watch this if im playing blox fruits so good but the ads!!!!! annoy me

  24. This chill music helps me study and get me more focus on my homework, and helps me more focus on the game i'm playing.

  25. best chill is devil eyes hippe sabotage

  26. Ty for the playlist it was so chill for gaming and vibing 😀

  27. When it's a friday night and u just chilling playing some games with a milo holy shit

  28. i listen to it from when it was posted and its still my favorite

  29. che brother hay alguna posibilidad de tener como wallpaper la imagen que se ve en el video?

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