Classical Music used in SQUID GAME -

Classical Music used in SQUID GAME

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3 classical pieces used in Squid Game. Haydn – Trumpet Concerto, Strauss, Strauss – An Der Schöenen Blauen Donau, and Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. All piano versions made by Lord Vinheteiro
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  1. My lord made this sounds so easy. He upped his staring game to a next level!

  2. pls dont squid pls i dont like it and i am ur lover

  3. Let’s appreciate the Lord Vinheteiro on the piano, shall we? 🤣🤣😂😂

  4. Alguém dá produção deve ser ou amar trompete por conta do Haydn hehe

  5. University of Missouri School of Music says:

    the scariest part of this video is the piano tuning 🤣

  6. The guys is jus following the camera around

  7. Parabéns, Vinheteiro! Você representa excepcionalmente a erudição musical brasileira. É muito bom tê-lo como conterrâneo. Viva à música clássica! 🇧🇷

  8. Don't even know what squid game is, just wanted to hear you play 😂🎶

  9. I love your videos but why do you stare at the camera?

  10. Imagine he was the robot staring at you in the "red light, green light" game.

  11. Truely enjoy your style Sir, With the looming Holiday could you place your classical twist on Edelweiss from the film Sound if music?

  12. A última música só lembro do pica pau

  13. well dang it, I now associate that music with the show.

  14. O grande Vinheteiro faz um vídeo de erros de gravações!!!

  15. Who's my favorite classical pianist? Ez vinheiteiro

  16. Why does he look in that creepy way to the camera?

  17. He's not watching you, he's a guy making a video and looking at the camera to simulate uncomfortable eye contact.

  18. I love watching this guy!!! Hahahhahaha SUBSCRIBED!!!!

  19. Vinheteiro's memory is so good, he doesn't need the sheets to play these songs
    But he's staring at the camera for like a whole video, what a masterpiece.

  20. Plot twist he actually performed all the music in squid game

  21. It would be missing fly me to de moon although it is not exactly a classic song

  22. Mom: why you watching that video
    Me: no mum, the video watching me…

  23. Man. Its the face!!!! Just killing. Beautiful.

  24. Bro why are you staring at me that way

  25. absolutely insane compared to what i can do

  26. vinheteiro, se vc é br, pq todo o seu canal ta em inglês, por exemplo seu banner do yt, q ta "video toda semana" em ingles, pq n em pt?

  27. Essas músicas fez parte da minha infância nostalgia total

  28. Orgulho De Ser Brasileiro Quando Vejo O Vinheteiro Tocando Piano.

  29. That Ludwig XIV portrait really got an insane amount of drip paired with the music ngl

  30. This man is who I call “Lord Piano Soul Watcher”, and that’s saying something if you get a nickname from me.

  31. The teacher stares at the student who got the same section wrong hundreds of times and shows the final demonstration

  32. Hello Fabrício, I live in São Paulo, I really didn't imagine for a second that you are Brazilian, I would be so glad if I met you one day. Me and my children are big fans of you.

  33. Por favor toca a música "the Warriors (barry de vorzon)"

  34. I rly love how he stare into the camera. It’s bizzare and funny at the same time 😂

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