Zoran Rakić (1965) is a method expert, educator and analyst. He achieved a high degree of the accordion instrument education in Russian National Academy of Music Gnjesin in Moscow (graduated 1990, master’s degree in 1994, doctorate in 2004). At present, he has the academic title of Full Professor. He has written six textbooks for the first six years of the accordion education which were published by the Institution for textbooks and teaching accessories in Belgrade. He rearranged and published the following collections and professional literature: Collection of etudes for accordion for the pupils of the secondary music school (2001), Academic accordion works (2001), Accordion on the concert scene (2000), Accordion – album for youth (2001), Crestomathy for accordion (2002), Accordion – a short overview of historical development (2004), Accordion in the Serbian music education system (2004), Contests and original creativity as the factors of the accordion academisation (2004), Compositions for accordion (2007), Concert repertoire for accordion 1 (2008), Concert repertoire for accordion 2 (2010) and Concert repertoire for accordion 3 (2010). Rakić’s pupils and students have reached significant results – more than 300 awards, among those 222 victories, special and first awards in numerous competitions and festivals at home and abroad. Until now he has more than 80 times participated in the work of professional juries in Serbia, Monte Negro, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, France, Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and China; he has lectured 45 times on seminars, in winter and summer schools and participated in scientific and professional meetings at home and abroad (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Russia). Rakić is a member of editorial boards of international scientific journals in Ukraine (Pedagogical Science published by the National University of Lugansk) and Russia (the journal of the National Institute of Arts and Culture in Belgorod).


Professor Hongyu Wang, Chinese, born in 1963. As a musician, a teacher, an accordionist, and an entrepreneur of the wonderful instrument, he won several international prizes, including the Russia International Accordion competition in 1997. Professor Wang is also a judge of international repute, judging many festivals throughout Russia, Italy, Australasia, France, New Zealand, Lithuania, some as an example. Most recently, he was the jury of the international festival in Vladivostok. Recently, professor Wang participated in the international accordion competition held in Vladivostok in Russia, as the chairman of the jury. In the same year, Raymond, the president of of the Confederation International des Accordionists, gave Hongyu an outstanding contribution award. Professor Wang is also a devotional teacher. Some of his students are prizewinners of international competitions. Professor Wang has also published essays on well-known Chinese academical music magazines, books and CDs, such as the CD the Voice of Springpublished by Heilongjiang Audio-Visual publisher in 2002. Since 2016, professor Wang has become the president of the Music College of Harbin Normal University, where he started his teaching career in 1989.


Mikhail Sharabarin, candidate of Arts, Associate Professor. He graduated from accordion class of Voronezh State Institute of Arts (in 1991). Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation (2005). He has 15 publications in russian and foreign editions. He is an author of 2 tutorials devoted to teaching methods of playing the bayan and instrumentology. Since 1992 he has been working at the Belgorod University of Arts and Culture. Since 2012, he holds the posts of prorector for music education and director of the university’s music college. M.I. Sharabarin is a musical leader of the «Vezelitsa» song and dance student ensemble, which is an international and all-russian competitions winner. Since 1995 he has been leading the «Otrada» ensemble of the Belgorod Philharmonic. He is the artistic director of the following creative projects: “Days of bayan, accordion and harmonica in Belgorod”, “White Lyre” International Competition», «Singer of St. Belogorie» choral festival, festival of contemporary art. He was a jury member at the following international competitions: “Cup of Belogorie” (Belgorod, Russia), “Harmony”(Belgorod, Russia), “Accordion Art” (Eastern Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), “May Meetings” (Lazarevac, Serbia), «Naujene – 2017» Accordion Competition (Daugavpils, Latvia). He is an author of music for three spectacles for the Belgorod Puppet Theater.



Tatjana Marx, is a world renowned accordionist, teacher, and adjudicator. As a solo concert artist, she has performed extensively in China, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, and Australia. A Laureate of the two most prestigious International Accordion Competitions: Klingenthale and the Coupe Mondiale, as well as the winner of the Yugoslav State and National Accordion Competitions. Tatjana studied for 7 years at the Kiev Conservatorium of Music in Ukraine with Professor V. Besfamilnov and holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music Degree majoring in accordion. Tatjana is the Director of her own Music School in Sydney, Australia which she has been running for the past 25 years. Her students compete nationally and represent Australia abroad. They have won many awards at the AAA (America), ATG (America), the South Pacific Accordion Championships (New Zealand) and the Coupe Mondiale (world accordion championships). Tatjana has taught and continues to teach students within Australia and internationally including those from New Zealand, Serbia and Austria. Her Australian students have received some of the most prestigious accordion qualifications from the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB). Several of Tatjana’s students have completed the Associate Music Diploma exam in accordion. Richard She has also completed the Licentiate Mus Diploma exam in accordion which is the highest accordion qualification available within Australia. Tatjana is much sought after as an adjudicator at international accordion events regularly holds seminars and master classes in Australasia and Europe. She adjudicates at the highest level, at the world’s most prestigious accordion competitions including AccoHoliday International Accordion Competition (Ukraine), Tianjin International Accordion Competition (China), “Akordeon Art” International Accordion Competition (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Coupe Mondiale (Germany, England, Slovakia). In 1994, Tatjana founded The Australian Accordion Teachers Association Incorporated.The Association hosts the Australian International Accordion Championships and festival in June each year. Tatjana is proud to bring her enormous international experience to The Australian International Accordion Championships and Festival, creating an exciting, cutting edge, festival and competition experience. In 2005 the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA), awarded Tatjana a MERIT AWARD “In recognition of her outstanding services to the International Accordion Movement”


Saša Bastalec (Zagreb, Croatia, 1980) took a degree in music culture and accordion at the Academy of Music in Pula, Croatia (Juraj Dobrila University). He performed his education with some of the great accordionist, conducting and composition teachers. As soloist and a member of the chamber ensembles and orchestras, he has performed in Croatia and abroad. He works as accordion teacher in the Varaždin Music School in Croatia, also teaches chamber music and composing. He is the author of many compositions, transcriptions and arrangements for various ensembles and solo instruments. He is co-promoter of the Croatian association „Accordion Center“. The goal of association is to promote accordion and accordion music in Croatia, continuous independent activities as well as through collaborations with domestic and foreign professionals and associations.


Vesna Ivkov enrolled in Isidor Bajić Secondary Music School of Novi Sad in 1991; she attended the class of Prof. Milana Baračkov Malenica at the accordion department. She played the first accordion in the renowned accordion orchestra of the conductress Baračkov Malenica. As a soloist and a member of the orchestra she has performed at numerous concerts at home and abroad. She also participates in competitions where she has already received many awards. The European award Castelfidardo from 1994 stands out among them. She received the master’s degree in ethnomusicology after successfully concluding her study at the Academy of Arts of Novi Sad in the class of Prof. Nice Fracile and she became the holder of the Austrian government scholarship. Today, she works at the mentioned Academy of Arts as an assistant professor in the Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology. As a strong supporter of traditional music she has developed and organised a series of concerts and public appearances where students performed traditional melodies. She has recorded the accordion solo playing of classical music for Radio Television Vojvodina since 1995. In a duet with her father Srbo Ivkov and accompaniment of a large National Orchestra she actively records instrumental folk songs for the needs of broadcasting of Vojvodina and Serbia radio and television.


Tomaž Kastelic was born on 19th February 1980 in Novo mesto. The music – mainly with the diatonic accordion – was put in his cradle since his father was a big folk musician and a true lover of indigenous songs and tunes and was a source of pride and inspiration to Tomaž for playing the accordion already at the age of seven years. Father’s old accordion inspired the love for the accordion in Tomaž; later he reached numerous outstanding results in various music competitions and festivals with it; such musical career marked him for the whole life. He achieved excellent accordion results since with the diatonic accordion he reached highest places in contests; among other he achieved three gold plaquettes of Ljubečna. His life dreams were playing in an ensemble. His wish came true already when he was 16 years old when he founded the Mladi Dolenjci ensemble with two other members (Lado Šurla and Simon Lukšič). Already in the first years of performing, he won all the biggest Slovenian festivals where they received more than 30 top awards of both the jury and the audience. The Mladi Dolenjci ensemble which is performing since 1996 toured the USA, Canada and Europe. His musical horizon has constantly widened so like his first idols – Franc Mihelič, Slavko Avsenik, Lojze Slak and some other Slovenian legends – he has directed himself in other music genres as well and play various global hits. He creates the arrangements of the world famous hits as well as his own songs. When he was young, he attended music school and also tried other musical instruments. Then, he also played the trumpet; today, the synthesiser or electric keyboards, the guitar and the bass guitar are not unknown to him. Kastelic has been an excellent teacher of accordion for many years and is glade to share his knowledge with others – young and old. The music accompanies him every day and is his life.


Jani Lipičnik grew up in Zagorje ob Savi where he started his music career at the piano accordion department of the music school in 1975. Talent, skill and love for music have shaped his destiny so he could easily play any instrument that came in his hands. Today, Lipičnik is known as a multi-instrumentalist who plays 12 different instruments. He has had more than 2,500 musical performances in various pop, rock, folk and ethno ensembles; he has been awarded at many major music festivals. The most important music awards he has received are undoubtedly “Zlati petelin 1996”, two silver discs of the Panika records publisher, victory in Slovenska popevka 2004 and victory at the festival of dialect songs in 2008. Some of the well-known ensembles that he has played in are: Veseli Zagorjani, Hazard, Sunny orchestra, backup band of Dominik Kozarič, Rekviem, DeŽur, Zlati muzikanti, Malibu and Prava banda; most recently he played in the successful folk ensemble Donačka. At the moment, he is a member of the newly formed Ma3nas ensemble where he plays the piano accordion and the guitar. When he came in Novo mesto more than 20 years ago, he established his music workshop which has gradually turned into music school. Today, the school is located in three locations, namely Novo mesto, Grosuplje and Metlika; enrolment to 17 departments is possible. Lipičnik is one of the teachers in the music school, of course. Lipičnik as a musical studio technician provides you the topmost recording technique, recording of songs and preparation of authorial or arranged songs in his private musical production.

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