Cool Video Game Music with Cool Instruments! -

Cool Video Game Music with Cool Instruments!

Joe Porter
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– Handpan by @Ayasa Instruments


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Fun times! Hope you enjoy all of these Cool Video Game Music Themes with Cool Musical Instruments!

Having so much fun playing all of the Awesome Video Game Music on Different Instruments! Which instruments and themes did you like the most? What music would you like to hear in the future?

Instruments in this video: stylophone, pandeiro, steel pan, handpan, xylophone and marimba.


  1. id like to see a full cover of toreador march, i feel like the full song deserves more attention

  2. Can you do everyone falls from fall guys plz

  3. Right when I saw the thumb nail with GTA san anrease and fnaf I tappes it


  5. The minecraft one gave me so many memories

  6. Aww you should have done a jump scare on the FNAF on lol…I love these videos…takes me back to my percussion days

  7. Subwoofer lullaby your Song take a moment is a really end of minecraft

  8. Sheeessh the one with 5 nights at freddies gave me chills

  9. me when five nights at freddys: WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87-

  10. The legend of Zelda song of storms really brings back memories from ocorania of time

  11. Can you please make Tetris Theme song in a different music instruments

  12. Itz_froggyyy!☁︎ not in the mood. says:

    Me when i saw the handpan Part: welp what i think about is aria math in this one-

  13. i dont know song of storms from zelda,but from project arrhythmia

  14. Right after I heard the fnaf song I heard a freak in my house bro

  15. Could you do more FNAF songs plss 😍😍

  16. Who else went to go watch markiplier play fnaf after this

  17. It would be cool if you did a rendition of “tide goes out” from splatoon 1 using the handpan

  18. Do the great stradegy from roblox using a steel pan

  19. The Five Nights at Freddy's 1 song was done perfectly good job

  20. I like the gta san andreas music with a steel pan and a pandero

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