Cool Video Game Music with Cool Instruments! -

Cool Video Game Music with Cool Instruments!

Joe Porter
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– Handpan by @Ayasa Instruments


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Fun times! Hope you enjoy all of these Cool Video Game Music Themes with Cool Musical Instruments!

Having so much fun playing all of the Awesome Video Game Music on Different Instruments! Which instruments and themes did you like the most? What music would you like to hear in the future?

Instruments in this video: stylophone, pandeiro, steel pan, handpan, xylophone and marimba.


  1. Minecraft story mode main menu theme music

  2. You should do any kirby music with the bomba drum!

  3. I absolutely adore how the handpan sounds!

  4. Can you do a cover of most of the Minecraft songs? Like Hag storm or something else Minecraft

  5. rtatatatatata dont pee in the floor use the commedore lala,alalalalalalalalalaaa

  6. But it's still available for sure what time you want to go ❤️

  7. Your Minecraft songs are very correctly

  8. The Minecraft one sounds like it came from Animal crossing

  9. GTA had to be my favorite out of all of these

  10. these songs are legendary and I think everyone already knows them and my favorites are GTA San Andreas and five nights at fredy

  11. All the instruments don’t look THAT BAD but the marimba though… I CANT EVEN HOLD CHOPSTICKS 🥢 XD

  12. 1 stylophone
    2 pandeiro
    Feat steel pan
    3 handpan
    4 xylophone
    5 marimba

  13. 😡🤪🤪😡😡😡😡🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


  14. I wait for mine craft then wach a different video

  15. Subwoofer Lullaby sounds so bittersweet to me

  16. Привет со скольки лет ты играешь на инструментах

  17. subwoofer lullaby on the marimba nearly made me cry

  18. A bit late but may I ask what key your hand pan is in?

  19. Do Super Smash Bros I Think It Would Be Cool

  20. Stylophones
    Pandeiro & steel pan
    Hand pan

  21. Could you do pure imagination from the Willy wonka and the chocolate factory movie with one of the pan instruments?

  22. Should of used the steel pan the five nights a freddy's

  23. Can you try to do the halo 2 theme song full cover please

  24. The guys who created music should hire joe porter

  25. That Toreador March ended on the wrong note. Was that in FNAF?

  26. 外国だとロックマンはメガマンなのか初耳

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