Democratic Chord Writing - Music Games with Adam Neely and Ben Levin -

Democratic Chord Writing – Music Games with Adam Neely and Ben Levin

Ben Levin
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  1. aaahhhh!, Both of you guys drive me nuts! Specially Ben. He's got such far fetched, far out concepts. I have not heard such a great idea like this before. That's crazy good.

  2. Very inspiring but two things: let Adam do some transitional runs and find something to cap it off, perhaps a solid diatonic chord.

  3. Fully support jam dating, that sounds awesome. Especially since music is so personal, it gives each of you a chance to examine the other's tastes and your own overall compatibility with each other and each other's musicality.

    Now all I need is to find a girl who actually cares about music enough to jam with and isn't ugly or dumb.

    Are my standards too high?

  4. maKe sUrE tHe bAss aNd tHe GuitAr arE iN thE sAme kEy

  5. I love these videos. At the start I'm thinking "Ok, crazy wacky BS music incoming." A few minutes later and I'm loving what you come up with!

  6. "You can say no" it's something I'll start to say more often

  7. Please tell me someone else thinks the first 4 chords sounded good as a progression

  8. Those first few chords you guys played almost sounded like Kayo Dot's "The Antique". It's not exact, but the vibe is there.

  9. Seagull – great guitar, great value and Canadian! Sorry

  10. Would be even more fun to do with 4 people and everyone just choose one note.

  11. Reminds me of Kurt rosewinkel ' Polish song'

  12. Man that was super neat! I love the sax on top of it and that slow beat boxing too.

  13. Gives me some Kayo Dot/maudlin of the Well vibes 🙂

  14. That's just Biblical Chord Writing

    Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.

  15. I come back to this video every once in a while just to hear that movement at 1:35, so good.

  16. This was actually really great, cant wait to try it with someone.

  17. it's weird how almost all the chords you liked were chords with minor 2nds

  18. I'm stealing all the changes you guys didn't like. Thanks for the free ideas, suckers! 😛

  19. Did they ever develop this idea into a full song? I watched the whole vid twice and listened to the "song" twice more just for the pleasure of it.

  20. "Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense

    – Adam's shirt

  21. Adam talked about stratification in one of his Q+A's, where as long as the notes are far apart from each other, it doesn't really matter if they're dissonant or not. That has to be the only reason why those clickbait chords sound ok.

  22. Great game. Just deliberation alone can help so much

  23. Sounds like the band Sleepytime gorilla museum…🤘 Awesome band btw

  24. Sounds a lot like Djavan! You guys should check it out

  25. I still wish this was turned into a full song

  26. Adam Neely looks a lot younger 5 years forward.

  27. Sounds like Derick Bailey. But this sounds better.

  28. "It's so romantic. You'll really find the One that way."
    Adam is on fire.

  29. this is such a cool idea and it sounded so interesting and actually worked really well

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