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Different Types of Notes in Music/Rhythm Games

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This note/chart maker is refer to Stepmania but most of rhythm games use these types of notes too.

If you know something interesting. Please let me know. XD


  1. I JUST FREAKIN USE MY POWER! with telekenis

  2. how are you meant to do jump trills?? use your hands and feet??

  3. 192nd notes turned into a burning microwave FR 💀

  4. A compiled explanation so I don’t forget:

    1-192nd note: I don’t know know how to explain properly, time signature I guess?

    Jumps: When 2 notes must be pressed at the same time

    Jump chain: Same thing but there’s an extra note before each jump

    Hands: When 3 notes must be played at the same time

    Quads: You guessed it, 4 notes must be played same time

    Grace notes: When 2 notes don’t play at the same time and 1 of them is little bit delayed

    Trills: When a chart repeats in an alternating pattern between 2 notes

    Jump Trills: Like trills but they instead alternate with 2 pairs of notes (Jumps)

    Jackhammer (Jacks): when a note has to be pressed repeatedly within quick succession.

    Stream: When a chart basically throws a flow of notes at you, like a “Stream”

    Jumpstream: Same thing, just instead with jumps rather than singular notes.

    Running men: When one note must be played like a jack while the other three needs to be played like rolls (Explained in next one)

    Rolls: When all notes get played in a diagonal pattern, can be from left to right or right to let.

    Triplets: When 3 notes are played in a succession, take a single note break, before continuing

    Mini jacks: Jacks, but they’re usually hidden in Streams and they usually only have to be repeated once instead of multiple times.

  5. If i ever see jump trills that close together agains i will physically recoil.

  6. 1:08 if you put 2x speed it sounds like a high fire rste gun shooting

  7. thanks needed this to learn how to chart

  8. handstreams are the ones that i struggle on so badly, hopefully ill be able to deal with it soon enough

  9. I like when you turned it into Dave and Bambi fansongs

  10. stream is such a w note pattern imo
    jacks with 1.56 note speed makes me wanna cry

  11. We makin it out of the dave and bambi fan song with this one

  12. Stop getting pissed if somebody mentions FNF, it is also technically a rhythm game

  13. I want to learn how to code these for GodotScript

  14. You forgot to add crossovers which are very similar to running men

    Running men as denoted in the video you have made are a series of patterns on the left / right receptors with a staircase pattern on the outsides of them.

    Crossovers are a similar concept however now it has changed to a series of patterns on the up / down receptors with the staircase pattern now having to "cross over" them instead of just being to one side of them.

  15. I was waiting for the drop the whole video lol

  16. Jump chains are actually called jump jacks.

  17. as a rythm gamer i love handstreams and streams but god damn they really drain my stamina

  18. I remember making up patterns for rhythm games and i made the jump chain calling it splits because i start with 1step note then jumps and step again its very similar to jump chains

  19. trills, grace, jump trills, jacks, stream, jump stream, rolls, triplets and mini jacks are the ones i want to see in games

  20. I love streams and jump streams. I literally cream all over the DF JK keys when I play them

  21. what is this type of note? i'm still wondering

  22. You have no idea how much I hate jump streams

  23. yo, question, what does technical mean in rhythm game terms? I keep seeing it as a type of category for songs, but idk what it means :c

  24. What about stairs and Zigzags?

  25. i fucking love jumps

    oh yeah and also streams and jump streams
    i despise jackhammers though

  26. Most of the charts I'm making are dance pad charts for the arcade i work at (we have an itg machine running open source software and a stepmaniax machine thats supposes to be able to access the internet). Wonder how much i could tire someone out with one of these

  27. Every single one sounds like Ballistic wtf

  28. this will help with my transition to beta male fnf player to chad step mania pro


  30. What program is it?
    = ArrowVortex, the charts editing program for Stepmania.

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