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Dimash: music games with Di Yang- English translation

G Wu
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After his performance of the broadway hit “Memory”, Dimash sat down with show hosts and played music games
Thank you wu yujun for giving permission to use this video. Her channel:


  1. Thank you so much, Dear Gloria, for this interesting video of our Blessed Dimash! Always out doing yourself!!! Thank you again for all your Great work! The subs were Great! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  2. Thank you wu yujun and Gloria! How can Dimash guess what the other guy was trying to hum?! D looks great in that dark red color!

  3. Nicessssss .. thank you so much Gloriagirl .. cheers!

  4. Dimash must have so many girls chasing after him! He is a very handsome young man, thanks to his beautiful Mother and handsome Father!!!!!!!❤️💚🖤🧡💙💛💜

  5. Hello Gloria, thanks so much for your kind effort! Dimash looks handsome in Dark red suit. It made him more charismatic! Love from Thailand.

  6. Lindooooo!!! Dimash 😍💑👌👍💝💜💋💋👑💎💐🌷🌠🌟🎶🎵🔊🔝🌎!!!

  7. Thanks Gloria! I just spent 34:08 minutes of laughter watching this show thanks to your translation. Di Yang is so funny!

  8. Had to watch it three times :))) to funny 😄 the guy buying rice, lol … thanks a lot Gloria <3

  9. Спасибо, субтитры это круто!

  10. Ди Янг очень позитивный человек оказался, а Димаш, просто чудо человек!!!

  11. Hi Gloria! Thanks for the new video! There was another video of DIMASH at his school greeting his mates and teacher. They improvised Bruno Mars & it was wonderful. My problem is that I can't find it again and I'm wondering if you or any of the Dears has seen it. If so will someone send it to me? PS, your posts are the best! Keep them coming.

  12. аман болшы Димаш, мен Ақжол Атыраудан сенін өнеріне бас ием🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Such a humble , loving , handsome , talent young man !!
    I can wait to see his concert in USA sometime in the future !
    Good luck to you dimash !👍

  14. Thank u Gloria!! Love your videos!!!

  15. Dear Gloria, thank you, you are an iconic person for me. Your amazing videos made me inspired to create, singing. I made another song in English. Enjoy it: https://youtu.be/SeQjtGITWnU

  16. Gloria: thanks to your translations, I had a blast watching this video. Thank you so much.

  17. Dimash his handsome, funny, cute, good speaker and have the most beautiful voice i have ever heard, this men is perfect.

  18. The comedian was so funny! unfortunately different sense of humour from Dimash…..

  19. Hola Gloria, seria bueno que tambien traduzcan en español, ya que no hablo chino, ni ingles y sigo a Dimas en sus conciertos, me encanta su voz es maravillosa y el muy apuesto

  20. para mi simple y sencillamente es algo fuera de serie con una voz privilegiada de oro podria decirlo sin temor a equivocarme

  21. I dont know about others but his father calling him during live broadcast plus he didnt put the phone to silent mode is so funny. 😂😂

  22. I hadn't seen this video. Fun! Thanks for lengthy translations, #Dear Gloria 👍👏❤

  23. Lindo Dimash👏👏👏👏👏💕👏👏👏💐

  24. Мағжан Жумабаев атамыз айтқандай МЕН ЖАСТАРҒА СЕНЕМІН , Димаштай жастарымыздың көп екеніне және Димашжанға қарап түзелетіне сенемін. Ұлтым деп жүрегі соғатын және өз тілін байлығым, аманатым деп түсінетін жастарға аман болыңдар.

  25. Великая строна великие вожможности.

  26. Thank you so much Gloria for your good work for us to understand the videos with Dimash!! You are great!

  27. wish i could have seen the look dimash gave the comedian at 22:52 hahahaha

  28. Thanks Gloria. I know this comment is well after the original airing, but I love seeing Dimash in the down times. I didn't know about Dimash before September 2017.

  29. Libe Gloria ich habe schon lange nicht mehr so gelacht.Super Show. Danke für dieses lustige Video.

  30. Балам Диматай жаным, сак болшы кулыным. Коптин ишинде журсин коре алмайтын адамдар жетеди, кайдан билесин олардын не ойлап жургенин. Касында жан ашыр жакынын болганын калаймын. Балам аман бол жаным, тлеуинди тилеймиз.

  31. First, thank you Gloria for translating! I love learning about Dimash. I am so impressed with his kindness and humility. He is also very respectful to everyone. Thank you, Dimash, for being a decent human being!

  32. 最近看了一个幕后视频, 对那个装疯卖傻,贼眉鼠眼的人实在没什么好印象。 不知道是不是语言不通不小心得罪了小人,使得人家一伙人幕前幕后,台上台下借机嘲讽他。

  33. ディマ君、開始5秒で、はい、はい、はいって言った?

  34. Such an adorable personality!!! He is also very handsome! The talents he has are amazing! I must hear him sing everyday…I never tire of listening to him perform!!! Love to all from the USA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Thanks you so much 👼👼👼👼🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this video………..Dimash 🙏🙏🙏🙏is a great SINGER 🙏🙏🙏🙏in the world 🌎🌎🌎

  36. I really enjoyed watching this video so entertaining. Di Yang is so hilarious. Prince Dimash looks so stunning in this red suit. Just love to watch them having fun 😀 Thank you Gloria <3

  37. Χίλια μυρια Χρήσιμα says:

    Αυτο το πουκάμισο ειναι λάθος γι αυτο το κοστούμι Καΐμη φοράς σπορτςξ με κοστουμι. Ή τουλάχιστον ετσι φαίνονται !

  38. 可爱啊,跟杨迪一起。😁好意外!

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