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Disney Epic Mickey Game Music

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  1. @GreenKingOfLions Crap, ONE person disliked. (sigh) It's just as well; there was bound to be SOMEONE out there who was gonna thumb it down.

  2. Jim Dooley composed the music for this game, FYI.

  3. I have to admit that Epic Mickey and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are amazing but that Epic Mickey passes SMG 2 by a miniscule mark. that mark being that Epic Mickey has a much better, deeper, and more satifying story.

  4. the 1 dislike was rockhopper from club penguin

  5. I didn't hear this song in the game. Was it scrapped?

  6. @PurifyingHate The camera controls are actually really bad, but the rest makes up for it, I think. =)

  7. @PurifyingHate Epic Mickey; the camera for Okami is really nice.

  8. @HazeNJuice well, thats what they get for OVER-hyping their game. of course, they never mentioned anything about the camera, they only talked about the story and the the whole decision-consequences concept. they barely mentioned anything about the controls, all we knew was that you had paint and thinner.

  9. Yes, the camera isn't this gen but anyone who's played a non-mario platformer from the PS1/N64 era will have no problem babysitting it. It's pretty much the only flaw with the game AT ALL and it's a forgivable one for such a great game.

  10. Y'know what i wonder about this song, as much as it sounds like it belongs,
    I havent heard it Once Anywehere in the Entire Game!
    Was it scrapped, or was it only made for promotional perposes.
    As concept Music to go along with concept art?

  11. @PurifyingHate This is after the game came out but the controls are great, it's the camera that's horrible. The game is still cool, but the camera is definitely a major gripe that they should have ironed out.

  12. @gruntora Yeah. Which is why Okami is better than this paintbrusher copy 😛

  13. @PurifyingHate I love me some Okami (in fact, it's one of my all-time favorite video games) but Epic Mickey is still fun once you get past the crappy camera controls.

  14. The one person who disliked needs to be thrown into a pool of thinner

  15. Who doesn't like Disney I grew up with them they need to do more stuff involving mickey and all those old characters you love instead of…. Hannah Montana etc…

  16. well my nephew played it and he liked it, probably due to mickey

  17. way better than any of the music in game
    looks way better than any of the graphics in game
    has the three main levels and the three min characters, oswald is a little hard to spot look at the pillars near the blot's right hand (your left)
    this is the most awsome picture to the (almost) best orchestrated peice ever
    1.star wars


  19. I kinda find it funny that the best song in the game isn't even in the game.

  20. I love the game, but I thought it would be really dark. Mainly because of this picture and theme

  21. now that I have played the game I know it is pretty fun and much less creepy than I thought.

  22. @kodocha7, yeah I thought it would have been. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game, it's just all the ideas I read in gameinformer were kick ass.

  23. I'm sad that this never made it into the game itself. I loved this track when it came out on the 'net!

  24. Well, after a while some people freaked out that it was too scary. They were trying to find the right balance of creepy and playful.

  25. Phantom Blot and The Mad Doctor disliked it. Any other dislikes that occur are blotlings and Beetleworx.

  26. No, Junction point wasn't closed down because of the first game…it was closed down because of the second game, which I think is harsh because the 2nd Legend Of Zelda game wasn't that great, but legend of zelda lives on. Every video game industry has at least one bad game. Disney just doesn't get that.

  27. They toned it down because of a lot of negative feedback. It may not have been as amazing as it could have been, but it was still good. There are still some dark themes, like the question of how that freaking machine turns pirates into robots. It could have been better, but when they tried to improve with the second game, they focused so much on pleasing fans every wants and desires, they lost focus on the story and villain. It's hard to take a game seriously when the villain is singing badly.

  28. Well, I've seen other criticisms, too. I think Warren Specter was worried about going too far…he wanted it to appeal to both kids and adults. Maybe you just played darker games than me. Personally, I felt guilty while playing because while Mickey may have ruined Wasteland, we (the audiences) sent them there.

    It might not have reached its full potential, but it was still better than Epic Mickey 2, and was still dark by Disney standards at least.

  29. They toned it down from what it originally was going to be.

  30. I'll admit, one thing I was hoping for in the sequel was for them to say "Wait a minute….all the unused concept of ours…would count as forgotten Disney" and then they sneaked it in SOMEHOW. But for the second game they made it LIGHTER.

    I honestly blame Disney. I bet they freaked out over all the "too dark" stuff and made them tone stuff down.

  31. I love the game and music to it.It like a bit oblivion magic music to it

  32. Mcdonald's Pictures & Walt Disney Company Presents The Big Good Bye Of Twilight Sparkle Soundtrack – Battle Of Twilight Sparkle – John Debney & Mark MotherBauch

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